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anonamyous - October 15

My girlfriend is a week late and still having cramps like she should be having her period soon since the day it was supposed to start and yet it has not. She is always tired it seems like. We just moved up to college like a month ago so I don't know if that messes things up or not. I am just worried that she is and I know that she does not want to be and we have not even had s_x like in 7 months. Can you please Help me?


name - October 16

If you haven't had s_x in 7 mnths. then It's not possible..It's common to get bleeding that sort of ressembles a period for the first few mnths..but 7 is impossible I'd think.The cramps are a symptom though, as is a late period. If she is stressed or anxious about college that could be causing her period to be late.


anonamyous - October 16

She also got constipated the past day or so. I just don't know what to do i mean we have messed around but i don't know how she could be, but she has all the symptoms.


Viv - October 16

Ahha! Messing around can get you in trouble, too. Let's a__sume that it did, if she is a week late, it is not too soon to take a home pregnancy test. Come back and let us know the result. Also, if you care to share and to improve the knowledge base, let us know what kind of messing around might be responsible, like the week of Sept 19th-25th.


anonamyous - October 16

Like she gave me a hand job but i did not not c_m and then she touched herself. I don't know how that can make her pregnant. I just don't know what is going on.


Viv - October 17

It stretches the credulity to imagine a bit of pre-c_m on the finger causing pregnancy. You say she has "all the symptoms", but so far you have only mentioned late period, tired, cramps and constipated. I'm not convinced. Why doesn't she take a test? They're only $7.95


anonamyous - October 18

today she just started having bleeding like she started her period but it stopped part of the way through the day. What does this mean?


anonamyous - October 19

Today she started again. She says this is it this time.


Ashley - October 19

Hello everyone. If anyone can help me.. please do.My last period was August 25th, and i've been on time. Me and my boyfriend had s_x on the 18th of september, and i missed my period, so we went to planned parenthood, had a blood test, and it was negative. Now, it's October 19th and i was bleeding for about 3-4 hours today. it was really really light, kinda brown, and now IT"S GONE! I've also had tingling pains in my b___sts. we've had unprotected s_x on the 2nd, 9th, 14, and 16th. If i haven't had a period since August, can i still get pregnant??I know it would probably be hard to figure out when it happened, but I was just wondering what you guys could maybe tell me, this would be my first pregnancy. PLEAAAASE> thank you


Viv - October 20

Ashley, my guess is that your s_x in August probably didn't get you pregnant. If your cycle had been on schedule the s_x would have been a week after ovulation - too late. As it was, you skipped ovulation that month, started having unprotected s_x on a regular basis, and when ovulation eventually did occur - kaboom! If your bleeding on the 19th was implantation, it's a reasonable guess that conception was on the 12th from s_x on the 9th. Do you not follow your ovulation signs? You are not yet complaining of a bunch of early pregnancy symptoms, so nothing is yet sure. I wouldn't get excited about this until you get a positive home pregnancy test, which you should run around Election Day.


ashley - October 20

thank you for replying viv. actually this morning i'm having brown discharge, and my breats have been tingling and sore for about a week. drinking alot, urinating alot (doesnt mean much though) then been extremely tired. which could just be because im in school, and tired!! i am going to take a home test this next week to try to confirm. i will probably test everyweek for awhile. thank you for helping me its good to be able to talk to a woman about this. ill keep you notified



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