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kerryny - April 18

I am not trying to get pregnant. But I wish all those who are the best of luck. That being said. I got my period on Feb 16. I had an incident of condom failure in the early morning of March 5. I took plan b on March 7. I started to bleed on March 16 (the day I was supposed to get my period) It was bright red and lasted 3 days. However I have been very very bloated my br___ts have been sore, I have back pain. I took several hpt's all negative and one blood test on March 30. I was due to get my period on April 13. I had some bleeding on April 14 bright red again and it lasted 3 days. I am still feeling very very bloated and my abdomen is sticking out more then usual and it is very hard. Could I be pregnant even after the bleeding and the negative tests? My dr thinks I am crazy and will not schedule an appointment for an ultrasound. Ideas??? Suggestions (other than finding a new ob/gyn?)


Celia - April 18

Sounds like the Bleeding you had on april 14th for 3 days was your AF and pretty much right on schedule. If you had blood and urine test and they were both negative, i'd go with that. As far as the bloating, back pain and b___st tenderness, these can be cause by normal non pregnancy hormones. What are the side effects of the Plan B pill? I've noticed several post before where women have taken it and then had odd symptom's/cycles and thought they might be pregnant. Good luck!


Erin1979 - April 18

I agree with Celia. I would check into side effects of the Plan B pill first.


Emma2 - April 19

Plan B has no side affects for that long. The only thing it does is it can cause your period after taking it to be slighly early or late. Plan B is 89% effective if taken within 72 hours and may still be effective somewhat for upto 5 days after intercourse. Plan B is a stronger dose of a regular BCP and is out of your system within days . It causes prevention or delayed ovulation and sometimes altar the uterine lining to prevent an already fertilized egg. You have taken numerous test and that means you are not pregnant .



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