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Nikole - November 19

Hi. I am going to try to explain this as best as I can. I have been on the Pill for like 3 years. Before my last period(like the week b4) I had a slight pain where my ovaries are on and off that week and was a bit more gassy than usual. Well, my period did not come, just a hint of blood on the toilet paper a few times over the few days I was supposed to have my period.(I always have my period) I took a pregnancy test the 3rd day I was late and it came out NEG. Now it's the week after my period was due and I am having flu/preg. like symptoms. Since Mon., I have felt dizzy, nauseated, and have had diarrhea off and on everyday this week. I generally do not feel well throughout the entire day. Could I still be pregnant or is just the flu? Any advice will be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.


mia - November 20

Possible. I'd go to the doctor and be patient. It seems that these htp tests aren't as accurate as they ought to be. Many turn out negative because of LOW hcg levels. Even a blood test may turn neg-to-pos, so if you do that ask for your hcg levels to be checked. If this continues you should check up on it as you may be pregnant.


jess - November 20

If you last took the pregnancy test 4 days ago and got the negative result, I'd say it's time to retest. Your hcg level doubles every two days, so it may show up positive now. Either way, follow up with the doctor.


angela - November 20

I second that mia. I am pregnant with my second child and the home pregnancy tests I took said negative both times. But because we were trying to get pregnant and I know my body, I knew they were wrong.


Nikole - November 20

Thank you for your advice. So this sounds more like preg. than the flu? Also I never missed any pills and take them around the same time everyday, so it's still possible I could be preg? Thank You!:)


Nikole - November 20

If anyone else could help, maybe someone out there has went through this, I would appreciate it. Thanks!


beth - November 20

Sorry, don't know about this one.


Sha - November 20

I would say try another brand of exam within the next couple of days.


Nikole - November 20

What if this one says negative? Would it be safe to say I'm not pregnant?


Granpa Viv - November 20

Here's my thoughts: most times the flu is accompanied by a fever and gets better after a week or so. If neither is now true, then the chance of pregnancy must be considered. The hint of blood might have been implantation following an ovulation late in the cycle. If so, testing would not be reasonably sure of accuracy until two weeks later, about the end of Thanksgiving weekend. Hope this helps.


Nikole - November 21

Granpa Viv: I just took another preg. test and it was neg again. If my symptoms persist I guess I will test again the weekend after Thanksgiving. Thank you for your advice!


la - November 21



l - November 22



? - November 22



? - November 22



Chris - November 22

Sounds like it to me.


jody - November 22

I think you should go get checked out by your doctor.



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