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les - March 26

Hi! My last period was on Feb. 16. My periods are usually between 28-35 days-at the latest 35. I was due for my period between March 16-23 but it never came. I took a test on day 37 and it was negative. I have been experiencing mood swings, tiredness, hot flashes(is this a sign?), I even had a couple of very short episodes of nausea and heart burn. I plan on taking a test again but how long should I wait? Is it possible I took the test too soon to show the hcg levels? Any advice would be great-I keep getting my hopes up and am afraid to get a negative result again. Waiting to know is truly torture!


les - March 26

Forgot to include this-sorry! Also experiencing stuffy nose at times and headaches.


Grandpa Viv - March 26

Take prenatal vitamins like you are pregnant, keep taking tests at one week intervals until you miss a second period, then see a doctor. All the signs compute, including the hot flashes and runny nose. No b___b changes? You aren't pregnant until you get a positive hCG. Good luck!


Tiffany - March 27

When you take another test try to do first thing in the am.


Maria - April 19

Well I have the same symptoms, My period was due on March 20, 2005. My nose also bleeds. I just want to be laying down and eating, have allergies, back hurts, I feel nasty, I even feel something moving in my stomach, Moody, If I start doing something I can't consentrate, get hot flashes, get nausiated. The thing is I had never missed a period every month I get it but on January I missed my period and I got it on Feb. 20th but with real bad cramping it. was like labor pains my bones were hurting and I felt my hips growing and the pain just made me cry, since then I have not gotten my period and I already took about 7 pregnancy test and they all come out negative. is anyone going through the same thing please let me know. I have all the signs of pregnancy exept the positive test and b___st enlargement. I need to know what is going on with my self!!!!



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