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ilostreality - January 13

Okay, this is just a silly question, but I like to read people's answers...What were your "weird" symptoms during your lmp? Like, anything that's not normally included in the "top 10" signs or something?


sarahd - January 13

I don't think I had any not normal symptoms - I had cramps just like my period was going to come 8/9dpo, and then I started feeling sick and tired. My b___sts didn't start hurting until around 12dpo when I got my bfp.


preggoplease - January 13

Yeah I don't think I had any really weird symptoms. The only one maybe close to weird was blurred vision and tons of muscle spasms. That's it tho.


javidsgirl - January 13

i din"t have any weird symptoms sarah the first symptom i had was the smell of perfume made me sick still does to. and i was super emotional and still am. for me the m/s didn't come in to full force untill i hit 8 wekks before then it was off and i ahve been getting headaches lately


javidsgirl - January 13



kelley - January 13

Sarah honey... the chart looks great, I had some weird symptoms... I had nausea at 8 - 10 dpo and then off and on until this last week sometime... it is finally getting better, I still have flashes now and again... I also had a twitch on my one eye for awhile, but that too seems to have stopped... and the month before I got my BFP my cycle was a little bit weird. Good luck girl I am watching you.


ilostreality - January 13

Thanks. I'm still hoping that this is my month. I'm tired of getting dissapointed every time.


jeanette - January 13

My wierdest one was having the "drunk spins" everytime I laid down or turned over in bed, my eyes would literally twitch from side to side for a couple of secs---around 6 dpo. I thought soemthing was wrong with my brain or I had the flu or an ear infection. Nope, just pregnant. LOL. And around 5-6 dpo I had a really bad left sided back sciatica. That went away...poof! gone the next day. This is the pgcy I have had the strangest symptoms, not at all like my other 3 kids or even my m/c's. I guess this one dug in real tight early on! :c )


jessicaspatherapist - January 13

hot ears.....cold sore.....zits!


jessicaspatherapist - January 13

oh yeah...and swollen glands, sore throat and felt very dizzy after doing a short rollerblade.


hrtbrker - January 14

first sign cramping like i was going to start my period but never did, had 2 cold sores before i even found out, here is the weird one i actually broke out in hives then that brought on my pregnancy symptoms lol weird huh


tigerlilly - January 14

A good site to read about pregnancy symptoms in your 2wks w is on (twoweekwait .com )they have loads on there not the usual text book ..ladies telling there stories and listing their symptoms.....check it out!


maratel - January 14

absolutely nothing. I got my bfp on cd36 (cd 33:bfn) and that was the only thing that told me I was pregnant.


DownbutnotOUT - January 14

for me the odd thing was such an early + on a HPT! Early on in dpo, i cant remember too much but im guessing around 4 dpo, i would get insomnia an dhot flashes, 6/7 dpo I had a little bit of cramping and had 1 spot of blood. I tested 9 dpo and got a faint faint barely there + and I knew i had to wait and retest in 2 days. 10/11 dpo I had some cramping like af was due and I tested BFP at 11 dpo the line was there and darker so I knew it wasent my ovarian cyst or nothing. I had cramping for the longest time I think till about 10-12 weeks.


DownbutnotOUT - January 14

oh ya I went from having a 30/31 day cycle to having a 36 day cycles. somehow though in september, the lucky month, i had a 28 day cycle which I have never had in my life!



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