Pregnant Or UTI I Am Going Nuts

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Monica - October 25

It has been almost a month of back pain and kind of weird sensation in my lower tummy. This sensation is more like e burning sensation, however I don't have burning sensation when i pee. I also have noticed more saliva in my mouth, watery discharge and time to time I have tinglings in my brests, as well when go through them they feel kind of sore. I feel tired and sleepy all the time and I have flu like for a month, runny nose and pain allover my body. Sorry for being long! Anyone similar? I am very irregular, don't know the ovulation time. :(


TO MONICA - October 25

I'm not sure of the burning sensation but all the rest are definatly signs of pregnancy. Would take a test if i were you and if - and your signs continue i would retest every week or few days. Good luck.


Monica - October 25

I am so scared to take a test and I don't know why. Maybe because I so much want to be a positive! But I will have to :s


Allie - October 26

Monica, I used to get UTI's all the time. Usually the pain is when you pee (for me anyway). Since you don't have any pain while peeing, and with the combination of all other symptoms, it sounds like you are pregnant. Good Luck.


Jessica - October 26

Monica - Can you please keep me posted when you do decide to test? I am having a similar issue. I'm 5 days late on my af and I keep getting Bfn's but now I'm starting to feel this pressure like I have to pee (sorry tmi) all the time. I've only gotten that 2 times and both times I was pg, the second one ended in m/c and now I'm thinking that maybe I might be pg again.


Ashley - October 26

Monica, any results??


Michelle - October 26

Monica!! I have the same symptoms as you - even nausea and vomiting! I had AF for a day and a half. Went to the doctor Monday - she gave me cipro for a UTI! I don't know what to do - cause like you I don't have the burning or pain. I've had both UTI and pregnancy before and this sure doesn't feel like a UTI - guess I'm playing the waiting game! Hope things turn out well for you.


nicole - October 26

It is very possible that you are pregnant AND with a UTI. UTI is very common in pregnant women, and has been a first sign for me being preggo.



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