Pregnant Please Help Me

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Marie86 - February 22

Today I am 6 days late with my period. I have been this late once before. But this time I feel so much diffrent. I first noticed it about one day after my period was due. The thought of one of my favorite foods made me want to gag. Since then I have heart burn, I broke out with bad pimples like I havn't had since I was a teen, I'm hungry all the time but don't really feel like eating, My heart has been racig a lot up to 120, and I feel shaky. Now today I feel lite cramping but still no blood. I wanted to do a test but my husband thinks it's a wast of money at this point. We were not planing on a baby so I think he wants to put it off but I feel like I have no one to talk to. PLEASE HELP!


Jen - February 22

If you are 6 days late then you should definitely test. It is better to know so you can start your prenatal care.


frozenfeet - February 22

Regardless if you are planning or seems like the time might be here as your late for your AF and you have symptoms. Maybe just tell your husband that you feel that it's necessary to take a test and find out one way or another. By now, it is what it is....and needs to be addressed to get you and the potential bean the best care possible. He can't disagree with that, it's about your health. If he can't see that, If it were me, although I'd hate to do it, I'd test behind his back. It's your body hun...Good Luck!


Grandpa Viv - February 22

He's tight, eh? For one dollar or so you can get a test from the Dollar Store. Ask the cashier where they are. Take it first am pee Saturday morning. It sounds as though you have a good chance. Lots of luck!


Marie86 - February 23

Thanks to everyone who commented. My husband is a wonderful man I think it's just that we really were not trying this so it seems like if we just wait I'll start sooner or later. I still haven't started so I'll maybe take a test this week end.


whatisgoingon - February 23

Hey Marie86, you wouldnt happen to be 20 would you? Noticed you had 86 after your posting name, I am born 1986 also that is why I ask :) .. In regards to your situation, try not to stress hun! If your husband truly loves you he will come around if you get a bfp. It may not be "planned" as such, but usually in life we dont have much control..some things just happen bcos they are destined & right. Take a test just to clear your mind & let you know where you and hubby stand. :) Good Luck Sweety! xo


Marie86 - February 23

Yes I am 20 and my husband is 21. We're so young and we've only been married a little over a year! But I know we would both fall in love with a baby as soon as we got used to the idea. Hopefully testing soon.


whatisgoingon - February 23

Wow Marie, you are just like my partner and I. I am 20, and my partner is 21 also. He is 22 this year and i will be 21, so not too long off. I want to be a young mum & I love my partner dearly, he is my soulmate my destiny, and I can not wait to start a family with him. He will be a great Dad, he gets very excited talking about having children with me..talking about the future & so forth. Very cute! Some guys are just a little scared at the thought of creating a new life, I mean think about it..the whole thought is daunting if its your first time. (Which it will be for us) But I also know that if you are in a good relationship where you both love eachother very much & want a family etc in the future, well if it happens early.. everything will work out okay. He will come around & get used to the idea, get excited & start planning for the arrival of YOUR child together. Trust me! :) Take a test to find out hun & remember you will not be alone! Talk to your partner about all of this, how do you feel by the way? Are you clucky or want a child? :) xo


kdlovesrd - February 23

Definitely get a test Marie -- it will help put your mind at ease and hopefully help you relax enough to get your cycle. (PS) I'm 27 and my Hubby is 24 and today is our 1-Year Wedding Anniversary! We've been TTC since October 2005 with no luck yet! (PSS) Good Luck Marie!!


Marie86 - February 23

Dear whatsgoingon, That is so funny about you and your partner being our age. I will be 21 in April and he will be 22 in May. I love my husband to death and we really are best friends. I know he whould be a great father because he loves children and I baby sit for a 4 month old now and he love playing with him. I think it's just the thought that our go anywhere do anything days would be over. We have talked about it and we both know we want kids but we were going to wait for another year or 2. But we've always said if our method of birth control doesn't work then it's just ment to be. Now that I'm feeling this way and I've been thinking about it I would almost be disapointed if I got my period. One bad thing would be that We're are in the bridal party this summer for my best friends wedding and then again for my brothers wedding so I would be a poping bridesmaid. Well I'm just rambling so I need to go. I have been feeling a little better today but I'm still constipated, hungry and I woke up at 5:30 this morning and haven't sleeped since so a nap is starting to look very good to me. Thanks for all your comments.


farnanlm - February 23

I would get a test if you are that many days late. You know your body and if it is not feeling right then just check. If you are it is better to know sooner than later. I have had that same feeling except my b___sts are not tender. but I have had the shaky, cramping, always tired, extremely hungry and craving food bad. I have had a tiny bit of blood but not like normal, I'm suppose to start my new pack of pills on sunday but nothing has really started. I don't want to get a test cuz I don't want to waste the money buy my boyfriend is the one that wants me to know so I can start taking care of myself properly


sososleepy - February 23

I've been buying my tests at "Dollar Tree". They have a web site, put in your zip code and find one nearby. One buck is worth knowing.


Marie86 - February 26

Just thought I would let you all know that I started my period this morning. I was 10 days late and I had kinda got my hopes up. I feel a liile confused but I guess we'll just try when we had planed (about a year from now) Thanks to all of you for your comments!



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