Pregnant Right After The Pill

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supernursejo - June 30

I stopped taking birth contol (Ortho-Evra patch)about June 9th, 2006. AF came around the 16th to the 19th.It was very light and almost just spotting. My DH and I have had s_x every-other day since then. About two days ago I started feeling different. I have compleatly lost my appit_te and feel sick through out the day. I have also been light headed alot more than I ever have been. And yesterday I stated having cramps but different from PMs cramps. Could I be Pregnant already???


supernursejo - June 30

Anyone ????


slowpoke01 - June 30

yes it os possible to get pregnant right after stopping the pill or the patch i had an aunt that told me that was how she got pregnant she took the pill for a while and then stopped it and got pregnant right away i tried it once but for some reason i am allergic to something in the pills because i stayed sick the whole time i was on them and my ankles sweeled up 3 times their normal size and i got headaches everyday and it did that with every pill i tried so i stopped taking them and i had no luck because dh's sperm isnt the best swimmers so yes it is possible i have heard of that happening alot i would wait til a/f was due and test


sarahd - June 30

Hi supernursejo, Yes it is possible, but you also need to know that bcps can mess up your hormones, and it can take up to 3 months to return to full fertility, i.e., you may not actually ovulate the first month. I'm in the same boat as you - I stopped the pills last month, got a light period right after (which is actually just withdrawal bleeding). I had about every pregnancy symptom in the book for the last two weeks but got my af today. So it is possible, but may just be the bcps. I'm currently hoping July's my month!!! Good luck to you!


bethtwo - June 30

one of my friends got pregnant after missing just one pill! i've been ttc for 13 mos since getting off the pill. i was on it for 7 years, then when i stopped it i didn't have a period for 4 mos, thought i was pregnant for sure, but wasn't.


tritty - June 30

i am currently 9w6d pregnant and i got pregnant right after coming off the pill. literally, like the week after. i thought for sure it would take a while for me to get pregnant so we weren't using protection and sure enough...... now we have a baby on the way. it's definately possible! i guess at my age (24) my body is just in baby-making mode so it was a piece of cake. good luck!


sammykjo - June 30

supernursejo...I went off the pill at the beginning of May, actually a week early, so I got my due af right after I went off. The af was regular for the most part, but I felt like hell. I felt sick to my stomach and had bad headaches for like 4 days. And it seems to come on just all of a sudden. I just chalked it up to my body going through changes after going off the pill. Surprisingly I got my next af exactly on time and o'd on time this month too. I'm currently 4dpo and hoping it works this first month.


Lin - June 30

You could be pregnant, or you could be ovulating right now. Both can cause those symptoms. I know a woman who got pregnant right off the patch, and then her next pregnancy took 6 months. It's different with each person and with each pregnancy. You'll just have to test when the time is right. Good luck!



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