Pregnant While Nursing

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diane - March 7

I'm not sure whats going on. I have 2 kids a 2yr old and a 3month old today. I think i might be pregant. What are the odds if your baby is totally nursed? I'm not on the pill. When i had my first i didn't get a period till he was 7/8months old and he wsa nursed til he was 3/4months old. With my second i knew i was pregant with him before the doctors knew it. Within 5 days of conception i knew i was. I went to the doctors a week after conception. They did a BLOOD test and it came back negative. They told me it was all in my head. A week later i argued with my doctor on the phone that i though i was pregnant they were wrong. They wouldn't do anything for me or for my peice of mind so i switched doctors. Had a blood test done at not quite 11/2 weeks past conception. Wow a postive, i knew before the doctor did!!! Now i'm feeling quite pregnant and i just had a baby 3months ago today. WHat are the odds of getting pregnant again? This soon while nursing full time???Or is it just my hormones? I don't want my husband finding out he'll flip thats why i don't want to go to the doctor. I took a test that was neg. But then again when i was pregnant with my second, even after i got the result back i was in denial and took a test and that was about 4-5 weeks past conception and it was still negative. Talk about funny. can anyone help???


Paula - March 8

My doctor told me after i had my first that i should be very carefull b/c after having a baby i would be very fertile, and i know for sure you can get preg while b___stfeeding, i just dont know if the chances increase or not


michelle - March 8

Check out, la leche league, or They can explain fertility and b___stfeeding better than I. It's my understanding that if you are exclusively b___stfeeding - no supplements of any sort- have not bled since your lochia stopped, and the baby is still waking at night to feed, you are protected against pregnancy about 98/99 percent for the first six months. I would also add that the baby is receiving all/nearly all feeding directly from the b___st; pumping doesn't seem to provide quite the amount of stimulation necessary to suppress ovulation.



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