Pregnant Without Intercourse

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keisha - December 18

can a man sperms, impregnate me, even though we do not have intercourse, like if he ejaculates near the va___a?


MuzikGurl - December 18

it is possible but, not likely. once the sperm it the air we breathe 90 something percent of it dies automatically unless you are fertile mertile then perhaps it is possible but, the chances of you being pregnant are like slim to none. I think you should wait see if you have ur period and if not then wait another week take a HPT and then if it's neg. and still no period then go to the doc. but, personally if you aren't having ur period I don't think it would be because of this I think it would be because of your hormones or what not. hope you get what you want...Good Luck! ( I need more imput on my question under "Irregular periods but possible pg." please respond..anyone...thanx!)


JJ - December 18

hi keisha....i read somewhere on here that sperm do not die until it dries up....there is a post somewhere on here not sure what thw t_tle is...i read it a while back....hope this helps a little =)


K - December 18

Unless he was inside, there isn't a way for the sperm to get to the egg. If he ejaculates near the v____a, i.e. on your tummy or on your leg, the sperm has nothing to swim in. However, if he was inside, there is preejaculation sperm; that would be your largest concern.


Lynne - September 29

The day after my period went off, my boyfriend and I were fooling around and he rubbed the tip of his p___s on my vulva, he didn't even go in. I'm thinking there was some prec_m on the tip but it didn't go in. I'm worried that even though since then we've used condoms successfully, could I still get pregnant?


rr - September 29

to keisha and lynne: yes. its not impossible but it can happen. My guess about 3/100 possiblity for keisha and 1/100 for lynne (just my guess)



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