Pregnant Without Symptoms

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Sonya - April 25

Hi all...I have a problem and need your help!!! Is it possible to get pregnant in 19-th february and still no symptoms? I had my af in march it was 5 days and after that I had af in april which was one week late and lasts only 3 days...and came with cramps. I've tested myself last week and it came out negative...What do you think? Am I pregnant? My br___ts are bigger but without any soreness....Please, help!!!


Grandpa Viv - April 25

It's not usual to get a negative test at 8 to 10 weeks unless you are not using the test right. Tell us how old you are, and if you are normal height/weight. Sometimes there is a clue there.


Sonya - April 25

Thank you that you are answering me....!!! I am 23 years old and I am with normal height/weight. I've maid the test correct - there was one line - a control line I think. Maybe is important to say that I had an abortion in december than I was on BC for 10 days in beginning of January. What do you think?


to soyna - April 25

I don't think your pregnant. It take a little while for your body to get back to normal.Keep using your birth control with out fail.


Sonya - April 25

Everybody is telling me so but I am so scared...!!! With the last pregnancy I found out that I am pregnant at the 3-rd week with urine test - the second line became immediately red and the test was positive. Do you think that I may have some hormonal imbalance? I stopped the BC because I felt awful, now I am looking for better pills. What do you think? Thanks again...


Heather - April 25

Sonya - It sounds like no matter how many hpt's you take you will still worry. Just call your dr's office and schedule a blood test for your own piece of mind. Good luck!


Rainbow - April 25

No need to worry about being pregnant. You have had 2 AF's since Feb 19th and you tested negative. It can be hard to deal with an abortion and it can take time to heal emotionally. One day the time and the baby will be right. All the best!


Sonya - April 25

Thank you all for your answers:) You are so kind...and probably I am too stressed and scared...:( So......hope everything is fine and I am not pregnant. Thank you again....


Sonya - April 26

I am still scared because my b___sts are bigger and I feel like af is coming but I wait for it not earlier than 6-th of may, so I think it is not normal. Is it possible to have some hormonal imbalance? Please, help!



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