Pregnant Women Everywhere

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vivian - April 26

Does it seem to anyone else like there are a ton of pregnant women everywhere right now? I know so many women that are pregnant right now or have just had their babies it's rediculous. I just found out this past friday that ANOTHER one of my friends is pregnant. I am very happy for everyone, but at the same time I'm not happy, because I can't help but think why not me???? Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me??


kw - April 26

vivian- i soo am feeling you on this!! every where i go i see or meet preggos and i even talked to a friend that i hadn't talked to in years to find out she is due the last week in May!! What is up with this, i want my turn!! I'm so selfish!!


jena - April 26

yes, it does seem like everyone is pregnant! they say that when it's on your mind, however, that's all you see! GL!


vivian - April 26

This is just a few of the people I know that are pregnant...ok my SIL and BIL just had a baby a month ago, my friend is due with her second in June and her SIL is due is July, my cousin is due in July, another friend that lives out of state is on her 4th, and a friend that lives in that same state is on her 2nd, my other friend just called this past Fri. night and said she is preg. 3 ladies I work with are preg. with their 2nd. I heard a woman I was friends with in school is pregnant also. And then I see them everywhere in public too it seems like. But you are right jena if it's on your mind you notice it more....but I've never had this many people I am close to preg at the same time, and it's getting a bit hard to deal with. When my BIL called to tell me their baby was born I just went in the bathroom at work afterwards and cried! And I'm attending my cousins shower this weekend, and then I am throwing my friend a shower the end of May... I want my turn!! I know I just have to be patient! But I'm glad to know I'm not the only one feeling this way.


K~ - April 26

I can tell you that I have all but ONE girlfriend who is already a mommy or expecting this year. Dh and I found out TWO women in our lives were due near Christmas just last week. I know it sucks because you really are happy for them but at the same time, you are feeling like it will never happen for you. Hang in there. It WILL happen. In the mean time know that feeling jealous is a totally normal reaction and it does NOT make you a bad person.


Aussie - April 27

You are not alone! The worst place is the shops, i have just had 3 friends tell me they are pregnant in the last few months. I definately think - why not me? It makes it worse that there are 2 pregnant people at my work, so I see pregnancy every day! Won't it be so much fun to tell them all that you are pregnant! hang in there!


bump - April 27



Steff - April 27

My Sister is 5 months pg. When she was 3 months, I found out I was pregnant too. I was so excited.... pregnant with my sister. How AWESOME was that!!! Then 2 weeks later I lost my baby. My sister is doing great and I am so happy for her but it hurts at the same time. So I definatly know how you all feel.


hoping26 - April 27

I also feel that way. I am hoping that I am now, but it seems like everyone around me is pregnant or just had one. I know this one couple who had a baby and she is about 5-6 months now and they are already about 2 months preg again. why not me???


Heather - April 27

My best friend & I both planned to get pg around the same time (were going to play all summer & then start trying in Sept). She started trying at the end of August and got pg the very first try. I didn't get pg until January and had a m/c. She's due in 3 weeks & I am really happy for her but it really sucks at the same time how it makes me feel about myself. DH and I are ttc again but the having to start over totally sucks. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


vanessa - April 27

I am saddened by the m/c stories I read on this sight. It's like the "dirty little secret" no one tells you about until it happens to you. It seems that it is much more common than is talked about. I'm sure the pain or it has something to do with not hearing about it as often. It just surprises me that my doctor never discussed this with me when I was getting checked out for ttc. I'm so scared that this is going to happen to me or someone I know. To all the women that have had to go through this - I am so sorry for you. Odds are when you get pregnant again.. it will be successful. :)


jordan - April 27

Vivian I agree i can't believe how many people you see in a day that are either pregnant, or ads on T.V. or radio ads since I started TTC. It is frustrating at times.



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