Pregnant Ya Or Na

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keri - October 15

hi beautiful ladies...i was just wondering if you all could tell what you think of my symptoms and by my symptoms think im pregnant? ok.....i missed one period already and my back has been hurting for about 3 weeks...i have excessive saliva..and i had mild cramping about a week after my period was due but didnt show....i dont get urges to go to the restroom but when i go, i pee alot..and 30 mintues i go again but just to sit on the toliet and i pee alot craving sweet alot more than i use too, i have taken pregnancy test but they come out br___ts dont hurt at all...only sometimes they feel slightly sore....couple of nausa feelings but its when i wake up and it last only for about a minute or two...i dont feel tired during the day but i do sleep alot...and after i eat, i get this weird movement in my stomach like im really hungy, but i just please girls, can u help me...your opinions matter alot...thanks...and god bless u and your dust to all


keri - October 15

oh yeah....i also have had a runny/stuffy nose....and sneezing not sick cause i feel fever or anyhting like that..thanks


faith - October 15

i definitely would think you were pregnant after hearing all of those symptoms,but some womaen do not get positives right away so i guess you just have to keep testing and wait for your next period to see if it comes.but it really does sound like your pregnant.good luck!


M - October 15

How about taking a test?


keri - October 15

thanks faith for your support...i really appreciate your answer....good luck to you too ....i keep u updated to what happens.....and to M i have already taken 3 pregnancy test and they come up i dont know if i am or not with all these symptoms...god bless you and your little ones


keri - October 16

anyone else?? doess anyone else think im pregnant?


mel - October 16

Really can't tell, sorry. But take a test.


keri - October 16

i have a new symptom now and its kinda weird cause i have never had my right nipple itches all the time since like two days ago....i thought a bug had bit me but there isnt a bite or anyting...and its itches right on the this another symptom?


Monika - October 17

Your signs looks encouraging! If your tests says negative, take ultrasound and they will see it for sure. They have seen my pregnancy at 4 1/2 - 5 weeks. Good luck!!!


Keri - October 17

thanks you so much monika..i plan to go get a blood test because i dont want to wait anymore and maybe cause damage to my baby....i was gonna buy another hpt but i think its gonna come out negative...thanks you so much....i will keep you updated...god bless u and your little one(s) dust to all


to keri - October 17

Keri, did you miss 1 AF or 2. Maybe you should ask the doctor to give you a ultrasound or get a bllod test done. I know how you feel. I hope your PG. Good Luck and lots of baby dust to you.


keri - October 17

i have already missed 2 periods i think...cause yesterday night...i checked my cervix and i saw milky cm with pinkish color in it...and alot of it.... im suppose to get my period around this cervix has been high for a while but not that soft.....thanks for your advice and good luck too...god bless you and your little one(s) dust to all


Angel - October 17

I have like the same signs and I go to the doctors on wednessday to see what's up with me so I'll let you know,


keri - October 17

thanks angel...i think im going to get a blood test tuesday too with my b/f to see if im pg....i will also let you know what happens....thanks alot again....god bless you and your little one(s) dust to all!


steph - October 17

keri, I'm the same way, I have all of those symptoms except the itchy nipple and my b___st also feel really full and my nipples are always pointing and never go aways. I"m 14 days late, 3 neg test.. I think i'm going to go have a blood test done next week. Its driving me crazy though not knowing.. please please let me know what happens with you.. Thanks and god please to you and lots and lots of baby dust***


steph - October 17

good luck


keri - October 18

thanks steph...good luck to you will keep u updated when i go get a blood test....god bless you and your little one(s) dust to all



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