Pregnant Ya Or Na

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keri - October 18

thanks steph...good luck to you will keep u updated when i go get a blood test....god bless you and your little one(s) dust to all


nancy - October 18

I didnt have a period for 3 months and not sure why wasnt pregnant was trying...still working on it not really hard though...I stopped coming to this site for several months because reading the posts would make me feel like I had the same symptoms as everyone else...I dont depend on what happens with others, because everyone is different I just wait until I start again and then try again...good luck everyone.


LC - October 18

Would and ultrasound show a pregnancy that was only a week or two along? even a v____al one?


keri - October 18

n e 1 with updates?


Jen - October 18

Keri, did you get your test done?


keri - October 19 sorry jen.....there is no clinic here that gives blood tests...only urine...i dont know what to do....????


Jay - October 19

awwww well i think u should go to a doctor and let them tell u becuz it could b anything so dont wait incase it messes with ur health


keri - October 19

ANGEL...did you get did it go....hope to hear from you soon?


keri - October 20

anyone with updates?????


keri - October 20

hi everyone....updates????...anyone??......well just wanted to see what's up...but i guess was weird cause i had nausea this morning while i was taking a showe and its lasted about 20 minutes...then in cla__s i also had cramps...wonders if i am preg?...well keep me updated..god bless you and your little one(s) dust to all!!


Shorty - October 20

in answer to your question on October 15 i have the same thing ive been having a runny nose and sneezing constantly but im not sick and i feel fine and ive been experiencing the pregnancy symptoms like the nausea and b___st tenderness and one test already came back negative and i only throw up in the morning between 8am and 10am and i dont know if i am pregnant either


keri - October 20

well i hope you are pg shorty...i think what im gonna do is on monday buy a hpt....and that will be the final result if its negative again then im not we will see what happens...god bless you and your little one(s) dust!!


456 - October 20

take another test


keri - October 21

hi everyone!...wait...where did everyone go? one had any updates...or want to share their dust to all!!


keri - October 21




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