Pregnant Yes Or No

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mskinner - October 26

I have been off of the pill since August 24, 2007. I had a period 7 days after that then had my next period on September 25, 2007 for three days. It ended up being a 25 day cycle. I am now at day 32 and no period yet (which I don't remember having such long cycles). I usually get br___t tenderness and mild cramps along with feeling bloated before I get my period. I don't have any of these signs but I have been nautious (no vomitting at this point), more tired than normal since October 20th (which calculating from my last period, I was suppose to get my next one on this day, although, I realize that when coming off of the pill your cycles can be irregular). Recently, I have begun to have mood swings, crying for no reason and feeling light headed at times and no period yet and still feeling nauseated at really tired, as well. All of the symptoms I have now I have never gotten before I was to get my period. I took a pregnancy test on October 22/07 and it was negative. Is it possible that I may be pregnant and can I test again on Oct 28 or is it too soon?


kendra.marie - October 26

id retest today! lol


Grandpa Viv - October 26

You may have gotten pregnant after a late ovulation. My suggestion is to preg test weekly starting one week after first thinking you felt symptoms. Some women do not get a positive test until 28 dpo or even later. Good luck!


bubbasmom - October 26

I too came off the pill recently (July I think) and my period came four weeks and one day later. The next month it was early. When I came off the pill a few years ago before getting regnant with my son, my periods returned to normal immediately. I was on a different pill this time and my body is just returning to normal. You body may still be adjusting but you may want to test in a few days just to be sure. Good luck


simone08 - October 26

hi everyone!!! im new to this forum thing so please bare with me. i am 17 years old. and i think i may be pregnant. i didnt plan on being pregnant though. i have taken 10 pregnancy tests and four of them said i wasnt pregnant and 5 said i was pregnant. but another one had a faint line. i am experiencing nausea, headaches, my feet were swollen i had to wear slippers, i have this dark line going down my stomach, my stomach is getting bigger. i gained alot of weight. i was 135 but now im 154.... my periods are onli on for like a day and a half. i have been feeling something like kicks and im not making this up because one night i was sleeping and i got a big kick that woke me up!!! i am also having some lower abdominal pains. i dont want to believe that im pregnant. the last time i got pregnant i was 15 and my grandparents forced me to get an abortion or they would kick me out. im scared to go to the clinic because my aunt works there and even though they arent supposed to tell and its supposed to be confidential she will tell. thats how my grandparents found out the first time. does any bodyy have any advice for me??? i would really appreciate it!!!



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