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JEN - May 20

Ok, I usually get AF around the 3rd or 4th of the month, but for some reason I didnt get it til the 10th last month. This month (April), its the 20th & I havent gotten it @ all yet! I kinda spotted, (but not really) around the time i usually get it. It wasnt even really spotting though, it happened ONLY 1 time when I went to the bathroom & wiped, there was a slight trace of pink on the tp, but that was it! Other than that, im really late now & I dont know if that was my AF (its usually REALLY heavy), or considered spotting or what??!!! I took 2 HPT's, but both were neg. I think I might have taken them too early though. I've also had nausea/vomiting (dont know if thats possibly bulemia coming back or not though...), frequent urination & gas (norm for me also though!!), sore nipples, tired ALL the time, mood swings & really crabby (also, norm!), bloated, fatique, ETC!!! WHATS WRONG WITH ME??!! Could I be prego or could stress or anything else cause this? I'm not on BC & the only method we use is the "pull-out" method. Can you even get preg. from pre-c_m??!! HELP!!! THANX FOR LISTENING!! :o)


Krista - May 20

Jen, you can get pregnant from pre-c_m, have you tested yet?


JEN - May 20

Yea. Twice w/ e.p.t. I think it was too early though, cuz I tested early in the month. Both were NEG... I'm supposed to go in to a free pg clinic today @ 4pm. NERVOUS!!! Are free pg clinics reliable? I want a baby soooo bad! Is it possible I'm just delaying AF from thinkin about it so much?!


JEN - May 20

P.S...Sorry SOOO many ?'s!!! :o> I've also been emotional (like crying @ the drop of a hat! ex: Cried while watching season finale if The O.C. last nite!!! LOL) Am I just getting my hopes up 4 nothin though?? What do u all think?! THANX SOOO MUCH for your input!! xxxxx


~*Annie*~ - May 20

~*Well, I'm in the same boat as you in the fact that I don't take BC either and yes you can get pregnant from pre-c_m. I've also taken two Early Response HPT and they both came out BFN and I've had different symptoms for about 2 weeks now and my last LMP was 04/30. My bf and I use condoms, except for this whole month, we have been using the withdrawal method A.K.A. pull out method and he even came in me once. So if I'm not pregnant by now, I'll definitely be screaming bloody murder! LOL*~


~*jen*~ - May 20

~*Annie*~LOL! Dido! My bf hasn't came in me @ ALL though, as far as I know, so ur chances are much, MUCH better than mine (i think!!)...LUV & LUCK!! xx


~*jen*~ - May 20

~*does anyone out there have any more info/advice??!! i would REALLY appreciate it! THANX MUCH GRLS!!!*~ LUV & LUCK to all of you!! ***~*B*a*B*y*~*D*u*S*t*~***


Tina - May 20

I used ept 2 days before my period was supposed to arrive and the second line showed up really faint. The following day I tried again and it was a little darker. So if the test hasn't shown positive by now, I would recommend you try to convince yourself that you're not pregnant. If you find out later that you are, that's awesome. But if you period arrives or that official test says no, you'll be crushed. Believe me, I know. My husband and I had been trying for about 5 months before we conceived. And that's with NO pulling out.. It will happen when it's supposed to happen.


to jen - May 20

you had mentioned something about bulemia...that could be causing your cycles to be messed up along with some of the other symptoms you have been displaying...i would definatly just start eating right, and get to your doctor as well, because if you are, you need to be getting the proper nutrition. i hope that helps some.


lisa - May 20

If you are late, and getting neg...doesn't def mean not pregnant. With my first I showed negative until AF was two and a half weeks late. So I would keep testing if Af does not show and call your doc


~*jen*~ - May 21

~*THANX SOOO MUCH for everyones input so far! You've all been alotta help! I seriously appreciate it! Well, I didnt make it to my appt. yesterday, cuz something came up, but I'll keep ya all posted! LUV & LUCK & ***~*B*a*B*y*~*D*u*S*t*~*** !!! xxxxx


~*jen*~ - May 21

~*p.s. still no af!!!*~ ***to determine how many days late i am, would i go by when i usually get af or when i got it last month??(see above dates!)THNX!



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