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k - February 24

Hello, I just have a quick question. My husband and I are ttc #1. I just bought prenatal vitamins from GNC. The serving size is 2 vitamins. I was just wondering, if I should just take one instead since I'm not pregnant yet. The dose just seems to high. Thanks!


MandyD - February 24

Hi K - I've never heard of any prenatals that you take 2 of...only 1 a day. I'd take just 1 if I were many mg of folic acid is in one vitamin?


trixie - February 24

hi K.. i am taking prenatal vitamins too but my doc told me only one a day.and try n take it around the same time everyday..


SugarPie - February 24

I had to give up on Prenatals and try children's chewables. K, next time try a brand like Solaray, Solgar has a great prenatal or rather did.. I haven't had it in so long. Rainbow Light has a fabby one as well. GNC tends to be pharmaceutically derived whereas ones from the health food store tend to be not only 1 a day, but also food based, which allows the body to absorb the vitamins quicker.


MandyD - February 24

All the samples my dr gave me contain 1mg of folic acid per pill, and I'm only supposed to take 1 per day. So, I a__sume that's how much folic acid you need each day. Hope that helps!


izzy - February 24

on folic acid is no more than 400 mcg a day.


dumb me - February 24

what exactly does folic acid do?


MandyD - February 24

Folic acid is vital to the development of the fetal organs!


dumb me - February 24

thanks mandyd, sorry i guess i just wasnt thinking...


dumb me - February 24

thanks...i guess that would make sense....and orange juice would be a good.i knew there was folic acid in orange juice just wasnt sure what it did..again thanks both of you..ya'll are sweeties!


Grandpa Viv - February 24

There is also folic acid in whole grain products and cereal (by law). One serving of Total has 100% of daily requirements.


tiffani - February 24

No, if the dosage says take two, then you have to take two to get all the full amount of daily vitamins. They may have made these smaller than the average prenatal, which would be why you have double the amount to swallow.


christi - February 24

i have a question about vitamins...i think i may be having some symptoms of pregnancy, but i just wanted to make sure its not because of the vitamins i have started taking...before i get my hopes up...can prenatal vitamins make you ga__sy, tired, dizzy, pee a lot, etc? just curious.


stacey - February 24

christi- funny that you just mentioned that. I just took my pill right before dinner, then after dinner I got really ga__sy (sorry about the too much info). So, I was going to ask the same thing- does the prenatal make you ga__sy???


christi - February 24

stacey - not sure if it's the vitamins or not, but the gas, etc. seemed to happen right around the time i started taking the pills, about a week ago.


La Rae - February 24

The prenatals I took while pg with my son were one a day. The ones I am taking now are one a day also. If I were you, I'd buy a brand where the dose is one a day. If you have to take two a day, then it sounds like the company who makes those prenatals is just doing for the 'extra money' you are going to have to spend because they choose to 50% their pills so you have to buy more - more often. It would be too obvious I guess if they just charged 12 dollars for 50 pills when they can sell you a hundred for that price and tell you to take two a day. I have honestly never heard of prenatals that were more than one pill a day. Pregnant women have enough going on without having to remember to take a pill two different times during the day - pg women have major brain farts - tend to 'forget' a lot you know? LOL



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