Pretty Nervous Help Needed

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missparkette - July 28

I plan on peeing on a stick later today but I would like to get some info from others who may have been in my position. My last period began on 06/26 and lasted roughly 5-7 days. It was a regular period for me, moderately heavy. I do not take birth control pills and am generally very regular.\ The last time I had intercourse was a week or less before my last period began. My period was due on Thursday, 07/24. Two days before I began having cramping in my right ovary. It felt enlarged and sore as if I was ovulating (I always get puffy ovaries when ovulating and know exactly when it is occuring). I thought it was strange and thought, I can't be ovulating I am due! I had s_x that night and felt a cramping stab in my uterus. Since Thursday I have felt that I have been on my period. Cramping, headache, backache, my br___ts are much larger (spilling out of my bra), and feel heavy like pudding balloons. Any chance I may be pregnant? I am now 5 days late, with signs of period but no blood... Thank you!


Grandpa Viv - July 28

An interesting time line. You had s_x about 6/20 and then had a regular period. After that there was no more s_x until 7/24, though you had ovarian pains starting a couple of days before, a stabbing pain during s_x, and pregnancy-type signs ever since. Do you think you could have cyst acting up? If you have a personal physician you could call and get advice from the nurse. She may suggest taking a home test and waiting to see what the next period brings. Good luck!


clindholm - July 28

It sounds to me as if you are pregnant. Let us know how the test turns out and good luck.


BrendaW - July 28

have you tested yet?? just remember testing in the middle of the day this early can sometimes create a false negative especially if you have had too much to drink or do not wait enough time between bathroom trips before taking the test.



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