Probability Of Pregnancy When A Virgin

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farma - February 6

My girlfriend and I have never had s_x but we've done pretty much everything else, last thursday we were fooling around and were naked from the waist down but there wasn't even contact between genitals let alone penetration however i did ejaculate, but no where near her vulva even yet i realise that there is always the chance that a small proportion could have. There is no other time where this could have been possible. Her last period started 28 days ago today, but yesterday she woke up fine but when in the car to school and she felt dizzy and nauseated. Today the same happened and except she thew up. However could this nausea also just be a sign of her period? Especially seeing as it first occured barely 3 days after we were messin about, and that it's in keeping with her menstural cycle but maybe not morning sickness (which i gather most commonly does't become a symptom of pregnancy until 2 weeks at the earliest). But she herself doesn't think she's pregnant, and I suppose I don't etiher. Anyways I believe the chances of her becoming pregnant from what we did are small, especially considering it happened so close to the end of her ovulation cycle. Am I right in that? Similarly am i right to think that signs of morning sickness would rarely be visible so soon...or is it the case that morning sickness can be accelerated during pregnancy at the usual time of period, or that its most likely that its just a bad dose of period pain. Basically I know anything is possible, and if its the same as this in the next few days she'll go to the doctors, but for right now I'm lookin for people's opinions on how likely it is, assuming the two criterions i mentioned above and that the actual probability of BOTH being the case is obviously even rarer. It directly involves me so I'm kinda fearin the worst, basically I just want assurance that it's very unlikely although I'm aware no one can rule it out completely. Thanks...


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 6

I would say pregnancy is HIGHLy unlikely she probably has something else going on there dont worry


ginger6363 - February 6

I second LaceyandSamsMamma---pregnancy is HIGHLY unlikely.


farma - February 6

That's really a__suring, am I mistaken in any of what I said or would it all make sense? Truth be told I only read up on all this stuff today and this is just information i gathered in that short period of time


KeiraYvette - February 6

farma your right.. she would be pa__sed ovulation on that day, and it usually takes a few weeks, usually 4 weeks pregnant before morning sickness starts.. Sounds like she just has a virus of some sort, pregnancy is highly unlikely..


BrendaW - February 6

Unless there is another incident approx. 2 weeks ago that could have possibly gotten s____n around her female parts then 99.999999% she is not pregnant.


DaBonkElsMe - February 6

You seem to be knowledgable as all that you have said here makes sense but really, there is almost no way she could be pregnant. Especially if she is a virgin because she may still have a hyman partially intact. If the sperm were not deposited inside her, they would have died very quickly. She'll get her peiod late and she will be just fine, but if you two get this worried about pregnancy over simply fooling around, maybe you should slow down a bit and only fool around with your pants on!!! Just a suggestion, not meant to offend!


farma - February 6

Nope in general I guess I'm over a___lytic to the point of being neurotic sometimes about alotta things, it's just I read conflicting articles about alot of this stuff but I'm glad there's a general consensus to these replies. It was only the fact that she seems sick in the morning til about eleven but fine after that initaly drew my concern. And yeah, just incase I think precautions in future mightn't be a bad idea, no offense taken at all.


Grandpa Viv - February 6

The only way she could be pregnant is if she ovulated late for some reason (stress, sickness, medication). Insofar as her period is not showing up on schedule, this is a possiblity. If s____n got to the v____a unintentionally Feb 1 and started a pregnancy, signs would start 5 days later. This could include both mild nausea and dizziness, but other signs such as fatigue, peeing, discharge, weird cramps, ga__sy etc. would be there too. You may need to test Feb 24 first am pee to eliminate this possibility. IM ppowb. Good luck!


Natasha - February 7

Farma, I don't think your gf is pregnant either. By the way, I feel nauseous for about 3 - 4 days before my period most months. It has only become a PMT symptom of mine in the last 2 years. It may be a PMT symptom or a virus. Hope this helps and good luck!



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