Probably Not Pregnancy But Advice Would Be Lovely

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Emma-Jo - July 11

Riight well, if you didnt read my other post ill explain in brief here. Me and my bf had unprotected s_x alot of times around ovulation time last month. I was due on on the 1st of july, usually i come on like the night before, but i didnt come on until, the next night, early hours if you get me. It seemed pretty normal i suppose. I usually have 5-6 day periods, however by day 2, i was really light. it was just like brown icky stuff! i had that for 3-4 days and then it went. Ive had a bit since then but only when i wipe. Ive got really sore br___ts and that usually goes after af. Im really tired lately, been having reeeal bad headaches, been feeling sicky, and been maaaajor emotional, i mean like, even the tiniest thing is setting me off. Ive been having wierd cravings aswell like bananas and kfc which i usually cant stand!! Well anyways i just wondered if anyone could tell me what was going on? I know its probably not pregnancy, i might just be coming down with something?... Anyone?....


erica85 - July 11

seriously? it sounds like you're pregnant.


Jade Allison - July 11

I think you should test. This sounds to me like maybe there was some implantation bleeding. Are you actively TTC? If the test is neg. wait a week or so, & do another test. Good Luck! J.A.


sarahd - July 11

TEST!!!! You definitely need to find out if you're pregnant, so you can see your doctor and start taking care of your little one! Some women get light bleeding around the time of their period their first few months of pregnancy (my sister for one), so take a test to be sure! Good luck!


Emma-Jo - July 12

Hey! Thanks for the advice, tis much appreciated =]! I wanna test but i cant bear seeing yet another negative.. The thing is, i dunno because, the period at first was really normal, like red flow and kinda heavy, but im never late? thats what i cant make out. Btw is being extremely ga__sy a sign of anything? And being on the loo more than being anywhere else in the house?! Its wierd =/


angela1986 - July 12

Emma jo its so funny to hear you say that,ive been craving kfc for like the past week which typically i dont want it,and ive been so ga__sy as well my bf just laughs at me and asks "do you feel better" lol so i dont know, i Oed around the 29th or 30th of may and has s_x just about everyday and now im throwing up the first meal of the day that i eat but never any other time,its like once i puke once im good to go for the day its so werid and my b___bs are killing me. I tested monday and i might have waited too long and when i went back there was a very very very faint positive like you could barely see it,i might be crazy though lol and so i decided to test again today but it wasnt fmu and bfn so i dont know anymore. But good luck to all you ladies!


Emma-Jo - July 19

Hmm well i tooka preg test and the faintest line came up only one thou (its 2 for a possitive) but it wasnt a full line so im not sure. Anywho i thought id leave it and lately.. Ive been having like a creamy discharge (maybe ovulation but doesnt seem the same) peein so much! and like crampy belly. And this morning i woke up with coldsores... Any one?!


lissica - July 19

it sounds like your test may have been defective. I would suggest trying again in the next day or two.


j. - July 19

i say test again..



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