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tigerfly13 - July 27

Hello ladies, I am new here and I have been reading over all the different ?'s and had one myself. I have pcos and only have a period every now and then; been ttc for 7 yrs.. I miscarried in May but was relieved to finally know that it could happen. Anyways I am due for my period on wed. and I am having the creamy whitish cm.; don't you get that before your period arrives also?? I give myself every pg symptom there is and I glad I am not the only one!! LOL But seriously if anyone knows I would appreciate it. Thanks!!


Ms.Aren - July 27

There are many reasons you could be getting that. It could even be a bacterial infection, with which many women have no other symptoms.


kayra - July 27

Yes could be a bacterial infection but it could also be pregnancy, i knew exactly when i had implantation, my temp drop ,i had lots of cramping and a whole lot of creamy discharge when i say a lot , i mean alot , i actually felt it comming down, all this hapen at 7dpo, i continue to have lots of creamy discahrged, little cramps and extra sore b___bs, I tested at 10Dpo , BFN , and at 12DPo a faint line , was confired at the doctor at 14DPO a definate BFP, And the dischage is getting more and more, that i have to wear panty liners , so that im comfortable , Hate being all wet down there . Wait a couple days and test again , make sure you use first morning uring. good luck to u keep us posted


tigerfly13 - July 27

Thanks Kayra and congrats to you! I don't think it is an infection , I have many other symptoms the cramping and sore b___bs. I tested a few days ago and got a BFN, I bought some more tests today and plan on taking tomorrow. I just always get my hopes up, I am soo nervous. LOL!!


tigerfly13 - July 30

Okay I still haven't started my period, but still having the cm just not as much, an my b___bs are a little tender. I took a test yesterday and a very faint line came up so faint I don't know if I should trust it. I took another this morning and it was the same way. AHHH- I am going crazy!! Should I keep testing everyday or should I wait? It is all I am thinking about.


baby_patojo - August 1

Tiger fly congrats! i read ur pregnant in fact! i was just wondering how long did it took you to find out or to get a POSITIVE result? did u test before and got a negative? or u never tested and when u did u got a positive? i dont know if u mind walking me through your process. thank you!


tigerfly13 - August 1

Well I tested on the day I missed my period and it was so faint I didn't believe it, and the same thing on the next day with the second test. So I bought a digital test where it says either pg or not pg.. I got a pg on both. I was due for my af on Mon. so I am just 4 days past. I really didn't have symptoms other than the cm being a little different and sore bb's. R u late?


baby_patojo - August 1

yes ma'm in other wordsyou can say im a month late, my last P, was on June the very first days! (thank you for been nice, we need some polite people around) and yup im waiting.


SmileyKylie - August 4

Did you have sore / hard nipples aswell?


tigerfly13 - August 4

Oh yes, but I got my BFP so I guess the cm is normal. I wasn't sure if that was a sign that af was on her way. Aparently not! LOL!


Grandpa Viv - August 4

Congratulations on the BFP. The lotion discharge can get worse in the coming weeks Good luck with the gestation.



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