Progesterone Hide Missed Miscarriage What S The Sign

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Lisa - April 24

I am 8 weeks and 2days pregnant, I never had morning sickness, just no appet_te. And my br___ts never be bigger or firmer, just tender, plus I don't think I had frequent urination although I peed often during the day, but never peed or only once during the night. Since I had two miscarriages before this one, doctor put me on progesterone suppliment. Two days ago, I notice I started to have appet_te, br___ts were less tender, still no night pee, no belly yet. I wonder is that normal? Yesterday, I expereinced lower belly pain, it's kind of between sharp and dull pain, it's hard to discribe, but it's not too severe and I have to bend my legs to sleep. It's better this morning. What I am scared is progesterone may hide the signs of a miscarriage, is that possible? People always talk about morning sickness, br___t changes, and frequent urination, when do they nomally kick in? I am desperiate, this is my 4th pregnancy and no baby yet. Thank you for sharing your experience.


Amy - April 24

Not everyone has the same signs and if you dont have bleeding I am sure everything is fine, I am a OB nurse I see pregnant women all day, And loads of women dint even have signs, As for me I am 15 weeks and forget sometimes I am even pregnant I had no signs just a missed period and did my own blood test after work is how I found out.....Did you have a blood test if so what were your numbers,,,if the are normal then everything is great....Baby dust*************


Robin - April 24

I haven't really had symptoms either, my b___sts aren't tender, I pee a lot but then I drink a lot (coffee). I've had 3 miscarriages, and so I decided to try progesterone cream once in a while. You're probably fine, I get the belly cramp down in lower rt side too. It's so much fun just waiting and wondering, isn't it?:)



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