Progesterone Level Indicate Pregnancy

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Anna B. - May 15

I just heard back from my doctor's office and my progesterone level was 47 on day 21 of my cycle (week after ovulation). The nurse seemed excited and said that it could mean that I am pregnant. Does anyone know if this is a good indicator of pregnancy? Thanks!


linds99 - May 15

Uhh, YA! That does sound like pretty promising. Wow, that is good news for you. Progesterone increases during your luteal phase...and continues to compound in yes, the nurse is right to say that to you. Good luck!!!


Emma2 - May 15

I can't say that know a good number that indicates pregnancy but if your nurse was excited I am guessing its for good reason! good Luck


Anna B. - May 15

Thanks for the responses. I go to the doctor on Wednesday so hopefully they will do a pregnancy test there. I hope this is it!


Amber #2 - May 15

Hey Anna, that sounds VERY PROMISING!!! My last pregnancy, they tested my levels at 7 weeks and they came back at 11, which was extremely low. My doc said that they would like to see them over 20 at that stage, and put me on progesterone pills. I ended up miscarrying that week b/c my levels were so low.I would say if you are only 1 week dpo and your levels are 47, then you are probably preggo!! Good luck and let us know what happens after you go to the doctor!


nicksmmy - May 15

Anna.. your progesterone level s/b usually averages at 20 during the very first part of the 1st trimester.. a 47 at day 21 is very promising. are you on any medications that contain progesterone? Good Luck


Anna B. - May 15

I am not taking any medications with progesterone. This was my 4th cycle on clomid but in previous months my levels were 17, 11, 11. That's why I'm so excited with a 47! I'll keep you posted on what happens at the doctors.


soimpatient - May 15

Anna!!! Wow!! That is awesome! I had my progesterone tested and I was at a 14 (obviously not pregnant) but I would say that a 47 is pretty promising!


Anna B. - May 15

Thanks soimpatient. My progesterone was only 11 the past 2 months so I'm really excited about my chances this month.


Anna B. - May 16

Hi again! I got a bfn at 1:30am with a $-tree test. I know it was probably too early and I should have used fmu but I was too excited. I have my doctor's appt tomorrow at 10:45CST so hopefully they will test when I get there and I will find out if I am preggo. I'll let you all know when I find out. Say a prayer for me - I'm really nervous!


soimpatient - May 16

Good Luck Anna! I would be really surprised if you weren't pregnant. And if you aren't I would want to know why your progesterone level is soooo high. Let us know what happens at your doctors appointment.


Anna B. - May 16

I'll let ya'll know as soon as I find out. Thanks for the support!


Amber #2 - May 16

Good luck Anna!!!



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