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irregularfrustration - October 30

Hey there ladies - isn't this better?! So I am on CD13 and still no positive opk...hopefully this afternoon will be the day! I thought that Clomid was supposed to get me ov sooner! So far the s/e have been tolerable, though I must admit I am now a bit scared re the 'pain' of ov! I have heard that on Clomid it can be quite intense. Sunshine - LMAO!!!! Your poor dh! When my dh had to give a sample, I made him do it in the bathroom at the medical building. We live sufficiently far enough away from where we had to bring the sample that I didn't want to risk the sample being wrecked. Aren't I just horrible! I think that this is why my dh doesn't want me to do IUI - he knows just how hard (no pun intended) it is to produce under such pressure cooker situations! Krissy - TEST!!!! Increased white CM is a sign (so I have heard!) Naomi - I admire your self control. I probably would have kicked the MD in the face if he said that to me! Everyone - loads and loads of babydust! Oh, and btw, I had another mini crying fit earlier this week (long story)...anyway, my dh conceded and we FINALLY booked our winter vacation. We are going to Hawaii!!!! 8)


Krissy68 - October 30

irregularfrustration - Thank you for starting a new thread. Still no update I haven't tested still yesterday was the day I was suppose to test according to fertility friend but since my temp had went down i decided to wait cause I should start AF today well my temp went down even more and I am still having white cm and constipated and crampy. Fertility Friend said with temp dropping and I haven't started AF then I could get my BFP I am just so scared to test. I will however go ahead and test tomorrow I just want my temp to go up some. I will update you tomorrow. Have fun in Hawaii. Krissy68


Naomi98 - October 30

Hey girls, thanks for the new thread Heidi. LMAO at making the poor hubby do it in the bathroom...he deserves a medal for managing that :-) Don't worry, you'll get your positive soon, I'm sure. What days did you take the Clomid? They usually say ovulation will happen 5-9 days afterwards. Well, I'm just sitting pretty, waiting for Monday so I can get my ultra-sound. Hopefully I'll respond well to Clomid again. Come on follicles, grow, grow!! I never had any pain with ovulation on Clomid and last time I had three follicles so you'd think I'd feel something. There was the odd twang but nothing that I could definitely pinpoint as ovulation pain. As for Hawaii, jealous, so jealous! Are you surfers? When are you going? Krissy, we're all hoping and praying this is it for you. Sorry the temps went down - I think you're right to hold off for another day to see where your temp goes next (hopefully up and up!) A big handful of babydust to us all for this month....we're all on medical interventions now so something's got to give!


Naomi98 - October 30

OMG I totally forgot our big news! DH's sister had a baby boy last night! I'm an auntie (in-law) for the first time!! We can't wait to see them at christmas time. I've got the cutest little outfit for him :-)


irregularfrustration - October 31

Naomi - CONGRATS on becoming an auntie! Isn't it the greatest???!!!! My sister is now 37 weeks and a day - I cannot wait for her ds to be born! My mom is so funny - if she can't get a hold of my sister right away, she automatically a__sumes she's in labour! As for us, I will keep my fingers crossed for you that a couple of follicles have developed nicely! My pelvis feels like it has a couple of tennis b___s inside so I hope that means there are at least a couple of ripe follicles ready to hatch for me too. Thanks for letting me know that ov is expected 5 to 9 days after the Clomid, I thought it was 5 to 7 days. I am on CD14 - I took the Clomid from CD3 to CD7. I am 99% sure that I will be getting my pos opk today, though because FINALLY all the symptoms of it are here! Looks like we will be in the tww together again. Krissy - sorry to hear about your temp drop! The rest of your symptoms sound promising though so I am still holding my breath with hope. Are you officially late yet? Kelly - still waiting for your e-mail! I hope you are doing ok! Sunshine, how are you doing?


Krissy68 - October 31

Naomi98 - Congratulation on being a Auntie I already know you are going to spoil him rotten. Thanks so much for the support but I am out cd 1 for me she started at 2am and my temp is all the way down to 97.97. Have a nice weekend. I am bleeding real heavy and cramping out of this world I just want to go home and crawl in my bed. irregularfrustration - She showed up at 2am so I am on cd 1. I put a call into my doctor to see when I will be having my HSG and I have to wait until either later on today or Monday cause they lady who normally handles things is not in the office. I am bleeding heavy again and the cramps are killing me I need pain meds for real. I am thinking about going home early. Krissy687


Naomi98 - November 1

Krissy, sorry af showed...I really thought this could be your month :-( Hope the pain eases up at least. Heidi did you get your positive yet? I'm getting my u/s tomorrow and i hope the trigger shot too. It's funny you know, with so much going on in our lives, both of us going for really big career moves, I just have a sneaking suspicion this could happen soon just because it would be TERRIBLE timing lol! Let's see if tempting fate works. Hell, I've tried everything else :-) Sunshine, how many dpo are you now? I'll be joining you in the next few days so hang on in there! Babydust ladies, and Krissy, here's to a new cycle, new hope...I'm sure baby number five will be along soon :-)


Krissy68 - November 3

Naomi98 - Thank you I am scheduled for my HSG on Nov 6 at 2:30 so I will update you real soon. Thank you for the supporting words. I do have a question for you and the rest of the ladies I started AF on Oct 31 and I normally go 6-7 days always well today is cd 4 and AF has stop what could this mean? Please help. Krissy68


sunshine7610 - November 4

Hey ladies, how is everyone? Heidi- did you get your pos opk? Naomi - did you have your u/s? Do you have more than 1 follicle this month? Krissy - hang in there, HSG soon. Is that to check your tubes or the u/s one to check your cavity? As for me, I'm 9dpo and waiting. I'm having bw on Friday to see if I'm pregnant. I'm debating on whether to do a hpt on Thursday. Just so I can prepare myself slowly if it's negative. If not I psych myself up and am so sad when it's negative. At least if the hpt is neg, there's still a chance it's too early but i'm a bit more warmed up to the fact that it just didn't work this month. I know....I said before I was totally against doing hpt's before bw, but last month I did one the day before my bw. It's been sitting in my bathroom for a couple years and expired this month, so what the hell. Oh, and Heidi, I'm so jealous....Hawaii!!!! That's wonderful. Something amazing to look forward to. When do you leave?


Naomi98 - November 4

Hi Sunshine! Well I'm's going to be a LONG 2 weeks lol. I had the IUI yesterday and ultra-sound on Monday. I had two big follicles on the right and one on the left which was a bit smaller but the doctor said it could mature and rupture after the others. I didn't know that could happen! So me and dh have to keep busy for the next few days! The big difference in the hospital was the information. In the other hospital we get a really detailed pre and post-wash count so we know exactly what's going in there! But yesterday he was like, yeah it was between 20 and 30 million, 45% motility...and that was it. No post-wash count at all! Oh well, we decided we're probalby better off not knowing. Krissy, I hope your HSG went well. I found it quite painful but I think it's ok for most women. As for your period, I sometimes get the odd short period. it's not that unusual. Why are you worried about it? Really I don't think it's anything to worry about. Are any of you non-US citizens as glued to the US elections as I am?? I'm listening to BBC World at work, my colleagues think I'm bonkers but I'm so excited!! Heidi, what's new with you girl? Are we in the 2ww together??


irregularfrustration - November 5

Hey there ladies. Naomi, I too was/still am obsessed with the American election. My dh and I drove down to the US for a long weekend this past weekend. I made him drive me to the campaign offices for both McCain and Obama to pick up campaign signs and bumper stickers. The campaign signs are up in my office right now even! 8) I ov'd on Saturday (cd 15 - a record for me!) So I am now 4 dpo. For some reason, though, i don't have much faith in this cycle. Maybe it is a new coping mechanism but I really think that it is going to take more than just Clomid to get me pregnant. My one-year anniversary of 'actively' ttc happened on Monday. I was a mess that night! Krissy, I too have sometimes had shorter periods. I woulnd't worry too much about it. Good luck with your HSG test! Sunshine, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! As for Hawaii, we leave on New Year's Day (57 days - but who's counting!) My dh and I have discussed going there several times over the years, but never wanted to spend the money. This year we both decided that we needed and deserved a dream vacation with everything that has been going on. Bany dust to you all!


irregularfrustration - November 5

Ok, that should have been baby dust to all of you! Not sure what bany dust is...! Oh, and p.s. have any of you read Waiting for Daisy by Peggy Orenstein? I read it while I was in the US - it is sad but good!


Krissy68 - November 5

sunshine7610 - Keeping my fingers cross for you I am hoping you get your bfp. Yes the HSG is to see if my tubes are open I will update on Friday. Naomi98 - I don't have the HSG until tomorrow at 2:30. I will update the outcome on Friday. I am preparing myself that it will be painful I have a low tolerance for pain so I will be taking something to help me out. Also the reason why I am a little concerned about AF is that I am 40 and I just hope I haven't started going through the change of life. irregularfrustration - thank you for the support and I will update you on Friday no I haven't heard of that book. I will try and find it. Krissy68


Naomi98 - November 6

Yay for the early o Heidi! Sorry you had a hard time on the anniversary. I got my period on the day of my one year ttc anniversary - what a biatch! So I know how you feel....ugh. I should be 2dpo but I took my temperature this morning (for the first time in months!) and it was pre-o so I don't know what to think. If I haven't o'd yet then the IUI was way early. Oh well *shrug*, we'll just keep bd'ing for a few days and see what happens. I should have known better than to temp - now I'm all obsessed worrying that we missed it by two days lol. Krissy, ah ok, I understand now why you might be concerned. I'm afraid I know nothing about the menopause :-) Maybe there are some forums out there for ttc 40+ that might be able to help. I just know that for my mum it didn't start til late 40's but of course it's different for everyone. Babydust everyone...or should I say BANY DUST....I like that lol


irregularfrustration - November 7

Krissy, how was your HSG??? Naomi, don't worry re the temp. As you said, keep trying a few more times just in case but I am sure your temp yesterday was probably a fluke. Sunshine - have you had your bw yet??? As for me, I am now 6 DPO. I am still having cramps and am getting worried that I might have a few cysts going on. Did any of you have cramps on Clomid? In fact, can all of you tell me what I should expect in terms of symptoms so that I don't get my hopes up mistaking clomid side effects as preg symptoms? My bbs are really sore today and I have a headache and am slightly light headed. Plus I still have tons of cm. I don't want to risk thinking these are 'good signs' if they are just normal Clomid s/e. So, here's my whine. Two days ago, my poor dog got really sick - he was vomiting like crazy (including blood), and had severe diarhea. My dh took him to the vet who said that he likely has colitis - my poor puppy! Then, yesterday, while I was still nursing my dog, stuff started dripping from my ceiling in my kitchen. Turns out that my toilet in our ensuite was busted and the flush away water (yep - the DIRTY water) was leaking into our ceiling between the two floors. I had to have a plumber and our adjuster come down last night in the middle of a snowstorm to deal with things. I now have a huge hole in my kitchen ceiling and dirty filth all over my cupboards, sink, counter and kitchen floor. UGHHH!!!!!!! I am so disgusted just thinking about it! I am now waiting for the contractor hired by the insurance company to call me to set up an appointment to come down to start fixing all the 'resulting damage' and to sanitize everything. Plus, because we don't know if we succeeded this cycle, I am going to have to tell the insurance person that I won't be able to stay in my house when they do the repairs since the fumes could be toxic to an unborn fetus. UGH!!!! Ok, done my rant! Thanks for listening! Sorry to have grossed all of you out! Nice sparkly, clean baby dust to all! (p.s. Kelly -where are you?)


sunshine7610 - November 7

So, bw is in. Another negative. :( Had a good cry when I got home from work. I just had a feeling this one didn't work, I don't know why. I think it's cause my temps started to fall the last few days. They went back up a tad today so I started to get my hopes up again. I think I'm like you Heidi, my negativity about every cycle is just my coping mechanism. It lessens the b__w when the results are in. So now I have to get af by Monday so that I can squeeze in 1 more cycle before Christmas since my dr is going away in December. So I hope it comes tomorrow or Sunday. Well, I hope the rest of you have some good results this cycle. Heidi, I didn't really have any s/e from clomid I don't think except drying up my cm. So the fact that you still have it is great. Naomi, when I do my temps, after ovulation, they still fluctuate a bit - there not always super high, so maybe you just took your temp on one of the lower days. I think temping is one of those things you have to do every day b/c you want to see the overall pattern. A temp here and there is probably only going to confuse you. I'm a bbt addict! Krissy, hope your HSG wasnt' too uncomfortable! Well, I'm going to go watch some tv in front of a fire with my hubby. TTYL.


Naomi98 - November 8

Sunshine hun, I'm sorry about the bfn. I hope you're ok. I'm the same as you..LOW expectations every cycle. It does help to protect you from the worst of the disappointment but it still hurts. Here's hoping there's a great christmas present in store for you! Heidi, OMG, that is so gross about your toilet leak - yuck! Hope the puppy is feeling better. As for s/e on Clomid, my main one is sore bbs (more than usual). I don't get cramps or anything like that but I'm also c___p at noticing side-effects. I always marvel at the women on here who keep track of every little twang and pang. It needs to be something fairly substantial before I'll sit up and pay attention lol. oh and Kelly is doing ok, I emailed her a few weeks ago. I don't think she got your email though because she didn't know about your endo. maybe try contacting her again. So bad news is that if this cycle fails, I've got one more IUI before Christmas and then our ttc journey looks set to come to an end for the foreseeable future. We're moving to Angola, it's confirmed. Probably in February. There won't be any more IUI's after that :-( The healthcare situation there is really bad so if I don't get pregnant before we leave here, I'm giving up. Maybe even go back on b/c, though that seems redundant, at least it would mean I don't go insane every month wondering. I'm starting to resign myself to a childfree life. To be honest, that seems a lot more preferable to eternally ttc and getting nowhere. I'm really down at the moment. Not just because of this but also because the move is going to be so difficult. Angola is expensive and dangerous. Plus the thoughts of having to pack everything up again are so depressing. we have an amazing house here, great friends and a good life. It's an occupational hazard but I still find it really hard uprooting every few years. Anyways sorry for dumping...just not in a good frame of mind this month at all. We're going to Thailand for a short break next week so hopefully that will help me clear my head. At the moment poor dh can't even mention the move without me either biting his head off or bursting into tears lol! Babydust to you all help me stay sane during all this x



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