Progesterone Posse You Know Who You Are

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Naomi98 - May 11

Heidi and Kelly, look! It's a thread that doesn't take 10 minutes to open!! So let's carry on free of the bad MIL vibes and full of positives of every description! Babydust ladies x


kellywall - May 11

YAY!! Fresh start with a fresh thread...I'm SUPER excited!! Thanks for starting it Naomi. Thanks to both of you for the great comments. I am starting fresh and not worrying about what anyone else thinks. I don't even want to talk about it anymore!! Naomi....the clothes you got sound super cute. I love buying new clothes and trying them on and having a lil fashion show....sounds like you and your friends had a good time and a great reason to celebrate! So you're cd11 today right....what day do you usually O? Are you getting excited? I'm glad you bought some more vitamins while you were there...B6 I'm a__suming? Heidi, thanks for your kind words as well. How are you feeling? I'm sorry that you had to drive all over the place to get your blood drawn....since gas is so expensive and all. When do you go for your next appointment and how often do you have to go? Nothing new with me....I did some reading online last night since I didn't really sleep well and looked into why my temps seem to be quite low. I am going to make an appointment with my doc to have my thyroid levels tested....just for my own sanity. I'm also going to get him to refer me to a ferility clinic near my place. I don't need to go right away but at least if I have it I can make an appointment if I feel the need to yanno. Well ladies...I'm super tired and need to jump into bed. Sweet dreams and loads of baby dust to you both. I thanked God last night that I "met" you both have truly been my saviours these last couple thanks so much.


irregularfrustration - May 12

Hey there gals! Naomi – thanks for starting the new thread! AND, your clothes sound gorgeous! I am jealous – I haven’t bought a bunch of new clothes in years!!! Kelly – glad to hear that you are feeling better and staying positive! As for me, I am just plain cranky today. My not-so-d husband brought work home with him this weekend. When did he decide to really start putting a dent into it? Last night at like 9 p.m.! He didn’t come to bed until after 1 a.m. and then he tossed and turned for a few hours straight! When he finally fell asleep, around 3:30 a.m., he started snoring loudly! I ended up switching rooms at like 4 a.m., didn’t fall asleep until after 4:30 a.m. and his alarm woke me up (from the other room since it was that loud) at 5:45 a.m. ARGH!!!!!! I NEED SLEEP! I am trying to keep my eyes open at work – I don’t really have a choice because I am super swamped. Anyways, only 2 more work hours left today (I had to work through lunch so hopefully I will be able to leave right at 4:30 p.m.) Then, off to the lab to get the day 26 progesterone test…Naomi and Kelly, when do you gals ov? We can obsess during the wait together! In the meantime, thanks for listening to me vent!!!!


Naomi98 - May 12

OMG HELP!! Please take a look at my chart (ff dot com/home/1d0dc9)...I had a super high temperature on cd 12 which makes it look like I o'd on cd 11. I've NEVER had a temp that high pre-o, I mean not even close, even after lots of drink and no sleep lol! Can't figure out what would cause such a spike. I'm really hoping it's a blip and I didn't o on cd11. We bd'd the day before so I guess we're covered, but still - so weird. Oh well, I guess tomorrow's temp will reveal all. Just when you think you know your body...anyway, how are my girls? Kelly, so glad you're feeling better and even more glad if we had something to do with that - it's such a nice feeling to be able to help someone so far away :-). So Kelly, I don't think I asked you before, what fertility testing have you and dh had already? So low temps is a sign of a thyroid problem? Another thing to obsess about lol. I just had the progesterone and HSG and dh had a S/A but that's as far as we want to go for now (we discovered enough problems, don't want to know about any more lol!) And Heidi, I commend your patience, if my dh started snoring he would be poked so hard and told to go find somewhere else to sleep! Ear plugs maybe? Can't wait to hear your test results, hopefully you'll have all the right kinds of hormones flying around in there at the right times. OK, I'm off to work in outfit number 2 - I do love new clothes :-) have a good day ladies x


kellywall - May 12

Hey my girlies!! I'm such a loser but I was thinking about you guys today and wondering how things were going. Heidi, sorry DH was being a pain and that you're so tired. Make sure you get a good's night sleep tonight!! Let us know how your blood test goes. When is your next appointment? Naomi, so glad you're enjoying your clothes. DH bought me some stuff (b day is on wed) and I wore my top and jeans on sunday...I always love wearing something new for the first time. I bought a bra and some matching panties today. I figure I needed some retail therapy lol About the mom has an under active throid and when I googled lower BBT that came up. It says low thyroid function can cause low BBT, less fertile cm (which I have) heavy a/f (which I have) and delayed ovulation (which I also have) so not sure but want it checked anyway. My doc really hasn't done much testing. Once he looked at my chart from FF he agreed about the short LP and had 2 ultrasounds but really nothing else. DH has 3 boys so I know his swimmers are ok and b/c I did get pregnant once before they're not worried about him at all. (at least not yet!!) So, I'm going to check out your chart but I have a do y ou know the addy of your chart...i don't even remember my pa__sword or anything for it b/c I just have it bookmarked to where you put in the temps (stupid question I know but I'm no good with puters lol) Maybe the B6 is making you O early...who knows but you have everything covered right??? Don't want you to miss the big O. I'll check it out and letcha know what I think. you girls are the best....we'll talk soon. Baby dust!!


Naomi98 - May 13

Hey Kelly, cool, you got new stuff too! it's so nice - until you accidently splash cooking oil on it...ahem. Anyways, to get your homepage addy click Sharing (on the lefthand column) and then select Homepage Setup. You can see the addy there and set up what other people can see on the page. Easy Peasy! I don't want to miss the Big O either - geez that would suck. I've never o'd this early so just hoping it was a mad random temp cos of something else! So do you think you'll get more tests done? I might get the cd3 bloodwork done too just to be sure to be sure! Talk later - really gotta learn to focus on work and not be distracted by forums lol.


kellywall - May 13

Morning Ladies...I'm on my way out the door but thought I'd check in to see how you guys are doing. Thanks fr the tip addy is ff dot com/home/1c2bc6....hopefully that works lol for me nothiing new to report. I e mailed the guy your friend went to Heidi and he seems nice but he's sooo far into TO so we'll see. I am off this long weekend and besides getting my flowers planted etc I have an appointment with a guy on saturday morning so I'm pretty excited. he's not going to do anything..just sit and basically talk with me about what we would focus on etc. I really want to meet with him and see how comfortable I am since I'm not a big fan of any type of needle lol I'm sooo excited about this sister bought me the book "The Secret" and it's really cool. I'm trying to think positive about everything...feeling good starting today lol Hopefully the big O will come soon Naomi and you'll be in the tww soon enough. Heidi, how are you feeling??? how many dpo's are you have a chart as well?? well...i'm super late now lol so have a great day and i'll talk to you guys dust Kel


irregularfrustration - May 13

Naomi – not to get your hopes up too much but the cycles that my sister and my friend ovulated earlier than normal were the ones in which they succeeded in getting pregnant! Kelly – I agree with you – there’s nothing in the world like retail therapy! If only I had more money, I’d be the happiest gal in the world, hee hee! Well, I am getting close to being full-b__wn tww obsessive. The only good thing is that I can check my charts from previous cycles to see that no, in fact, this ‘symptom’ is not new, in fact, I get it every other cycle. Only 5 to 6 more days to go before round seven begins. My husband is going out of province for a month for work in June, so I have been trying to plan when best to fly out to meet him for some quick baby dancing around the time of ov. It would help so much if I were more regular!!! Oh, so get this – I just found out yet another friend of mine is pregnant. This brings the total to eleven friends of mine who are preggers right now! (When I add in the number of friends/colleagues who just gave birth, the number is over 20!) Ladies, I am trying to stay positive and believe that the three of us will get our BFPs soon – because seriously, at this point, I am sure that pregnancy must be contagious! Lol! Loads and loads of babydust!!!


Naomi98 - May 13

OK, phew, temp went down again today so I think we're still ok! Heidi, if pregnancy was contagious I would have CAUGHT IT BY NOW LOL! It's amazing, though how everyone seems to decide at the same time, ok, let's have babies! You're being remarkably calm for a woman in the tww - usually I'm a pillar of sanity until the last 3 days and then I turn into an obsessive wreck! My dh is leaving on Friday for a week so better have gotten my temp rise by then. Kelly, glad you're feeling positive - we need those moments on strength in all the madness, even just a few days of "ok, I can get through another month of this". But I gotta say since I met you girls, I feel so much more positive about it. I really do believe (maybe for the first time) that this could actually happen. Babydust x


Naomi98 - May 13

By the way Kelly, had a look at your chart - you are the Rockies and I am the Swiss Alps. Seriously, what are we like!?


kellywall - May 13

Omg girls...I'm sooo tired tonight's sick. I stayed online last night reading Perez Hilton lol way to late and man did I pay for it today. My store was super busy today too and we had so much merchandising to feet are killing me. DH picked up a pizza for dinner and has been a super sweetie all I love him (sorry for the mush lol) Heidi, feel free to obesess even a lil...don't worry...we'll keep you sane and not let you go crazy. I am soo thankful that I had my obsess moment and for Naomi to talk me down from the ledge so to speak lol Are you going to test or wait for a missed a/f? Naomi...I feel the same way. I have never chatted regularly on a thread before and I can't tell you how good it feels to have a couple people that totally get it yanno. This WILL happen for would be cool if it happened at the same time but the chances of that are slim...I just hope that no matter what we would still keep this thread going....would be so cool. Because of you girls I have a new hope and a new lease on this ttc madness....ok...i gotta stop the lovefeast and go to bed before I make myself puke lol ni night lovely dust!!


hope-31 - May 13

hi ladies how is everyone?


irregularfrustration - May 14

Good morning ladies. Well, the weather here is FINALLY getting nice – yay! Thank goodness for small miracles! Not much is new with me. I was so antisocial yesterday that I stayed home, plopped myself on the couch and watched P.S. I Love You. Even though it really wasn’t that good, I still cried. I am such a sap! Have you guys seen it? In a way, it puts things in perspective. I sometimes find myself thinking that once I get pregnant, ‘my life will start’…but really, I am living my life already and actually enjoying it quite a lot, thank you very much! Another thing that is keeping me smiling is that there are only 5 more days until I can start eating feta cheese and sushi again. I told my dh that every month when af arrives, we have to go for really yummy sushi at least a couple of times so that I can gorge myself silly, consoling my sorrow of not succeeding, yet again. I think we are going to go this Sunday or Monday, if/when the spotting starts…As for testing, I used to obsessively test every month beginning WAY too early in my cycle. I have started to control myself because, like you guys, I just can’t face a BFN. I use strips that I bought online so they are pretty cheap. “Talking” with you guys has definitely kept me more sane – thank you for being there for me all the time! I know that every morning when I am driving to work, I look forward to checking the forum to see what’s new with both of you!!! Hope – welcome! Please feel free to join in! The more the merrier!!! Baby dust to one and all!!!!


Naomi98 - May 14

Hi girls, just a quick note...glad the weather's getting better over there Heidi. We're having a very mild hot season this year - usually we're all falling over with the heat but it's not to bad thank goodness! Anyways, give me heat rather than cold any day - I am a reptile lol. My body is driving me mad this year, my temps are so erratic - I'm starting to wonder if I'll be able to see ovulation. Hopefully FF isn't as confused as I am! heidi, I love your AF consolation dinner idea. I just reach for a bottle of wine tee hee...that's something I know i won't be enjoying when I'm preggers :-). And Kelly girl, stay away from Perez Hilton, stay away! That stuff will rot your brains lol. talk later ladies x


Naomi98 - May 14

Year? Oh dear, I meant cycle. Shouldn't operate heavy machinery so early in the morning :-)


irregularfrustration - May 15

Good morning ladies. Well I am 9 dpo today and the obsessing has kind of started a bit I am sad to say. I am going to test on Sunday or Monday if I don't start spotting before then - ff says to wait till Monday, but I am not sure I will be able to. I keep thinking that I am having 'new' symptoms, but then I go back and check previous months on ff and I seem to have similar symptoms in previous cycles too. My bbs are bigger and somewhat sore, I am a bit nauseated, I have a slight headache off and on, and cramps off and on, oh and my skin looks disgusting! Plus, beginning last night, I have become semi-moody, lol! BUT, like I said, I seem to have some or all of these symptoms every cycle. So, who knows! Up until yesterday afternoon, I was soooo sure this was going to be my cycle, but now I am starting to waiver...please help keep me sane!!!!


irregularfrustration - May 15

is it Monday yet???



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