Prolactin Levels AF Still Not Here Need Advice

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mrsharrisk52006 - March 11

I went for a blood test two weeks ago because of nipple discharge and the doctor said my prolactin level is up. It's suppose to range from 3-20 and it's 22.7. My period was due on the 8th but still hasn't come. I've been off BCP for 7 months ttc and I guess periods are still irregular. Took a HPT on the 9th but, BFN. Anyone else have this same problem. Just looking for some support and advice. Thanks.


Jules_CF - March 14

Hi there. I have battled with very elevated prolactin levels for a few years now. Mine were so high (in the thousands when diagnosed) that I now have a Prolactinoma (a non-malignant tumour on my pituitary gland). It's not as hazardous as it sounds, I promise! The thing is - that it can cause havoc with your cycles and falling pregnant, etc etc. I guess my case is way more severe than yours and I'm not suggesting you may have a prolactinoma lurking anywhere! Just that once I had got the prolactin levels back to normal, my cycles came right and I now have a beautiful 14 month old baby girl. Hormones play havoc with so many things! I know with me, I had to take medication for a few months until things were under control (Dostinex) and this worked a charm. Perhaps ask your doc what can be done to normalise the levels. The fact that they're elevated enough to make you lactate is something that shouldn't be ignored. Catch it early on so that your treatment time is shorter. My high prolactin levels caused my to have NO periods at all for over a year. (No-one knew what was going on with me!) In the end I was suffering from nausea and I was lactating. That pretty much solved the mystery for them. I had never heard of this as being a problem, but apparently it's a very common problem and so many women suffer from it! Anyway, without rambling on anymore, I just wanted to say, get the right treatment (if any is needed). Your prolactin levels will interfere if you are TTC and they can be so easily brought under control! I wish you loads of babydust and hope you're A-OK very soon! Take care.


kamivy - March 14

I have had elevated prolactin levels before too, as has a friend of mine, she actually started producing full on milk and she'd never even been pregnant! Both of our abnormal levels are caused by PCOS though. I think there can be a few different causes, and yes it can delay your period, just make sure your doc follows it up as Jules suggested and they should be able to get it sorted for you.



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