PT Test This Weekend

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aubrey - March 8

Hi! I just make a thread for all of us guys who will be testing this weekend. We can post the result here. Good luck to all of us! Babydust!!!


calista - March 8

Count me in! Getting anxious and hopeful, but still keeping my senses! Symptoms keep coming...and hopefully won't be going!


miamia06 - March 8

Hey!! Count me in too....I am so nervous..hope Af doesn't come this sat...good luck to all!


jml1975 - March 8

I'm thinking of taking a test this weekend too. Haven't had my period since Jan 4th and am getting a little anxious. My fiance and I aren't trying to get pregnant. We use a condom everytime, but I'm starting to get suspicious. I'm starting to get excited of the possibility!


LN030905 - March 8

oh my goodness, jm!!! Youve went that long without a period and u havent broke down and tested?? I wish I had ur!!! I wish I could say i was with u still tryin to figure out when Im ovulating!! Good luck and God bless!!!


aubrey - March 8

Gosh! Im really excited for all of us who will be testing this weekend! I will be testing on Sunday. Babydust to all!!


Crystal B - March 8

Hey! Count me in, im testing sat makes 16dpo and havent had a period since feb 2...hope we get a bfp!! good luck!


seven - March 9

i am testing close to the week end, lol tomorrow to be exact but thursday is very close to the weekend!... i am expecting af tomorrow so if she doesnt show up i am going to test. hoping for a bfp, but not too sure i have a few symptoms but they could just be af . baby dust


Helplessy hoping - March 9

I'm testing this weekend! I really feel like this might be it! I'm reminding myself that everything happens for a reason and whatever the outcome may be is meant to be. I may not be able to wait that long to test! my last one was saturday with BFN... We'll see what happens this time around.....


jml1975 - March 9

LN030905, I waited this long because I'm irregular and there has been times in the past when I thought I could be because not only was I late, but has symptoms too and I wasn't. We're also not trying so I didn't want to take the test for nothing. But here it is over 2 months and still no af! I bought a test today and am going to test tonight. I'll let you all know the results.


jml1975 - March 9

Well, just as I thought. I took a test and it came pack negative. Wasted money for nothing! AF will probably come tomorrow now.


aubrey - March 11

Hi! Anybody who already had their test? What's the result! Good luck!


jml1975 - March 12

I took a second test b/c I still haven't started yet. It was another negative. Both were first response. I haven't had af since Jan 4th! I don't feel like I'm going to ever start. My b___bs are very sore now and my stomach seems like it's bigger. Is it possible to still be pregnant and have two negative pt's? HELP!



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