Puffy Stomach

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Laura - November 20

I don't feel bloated, just like my stomach is puffy! When I push on it, it feels kind of pillow like, and normally it's pretty hard, so this is weird. Anyone experience this in a pregnancy?


Lesli - November 21

Yes, I too am experiencing the same thing. I had a two day period last month (normally 7days) and am due for another on Wed. but for the past two months my stomach has been bloated. I have a hard time holding my stomach in without experience intense preasure. I am not overweight and have not changed my diet. I also have gained 5 pounds within two months. Normally 130 now 135 and I have been the same weight for 7years. I need help.


me - November 21

nope, its probably gas or consitpation.


Jenna - November 21

I'm only 5 weeks and it looks like I'm about 3 months!!! I went back to my normal size of 0-1 a week after I gave birth the first time. Yeah great, except I didn't do exercises to tighten up my tummy, so since the muscles are loose I pretty much get that puffy belly look though when I eat too much, pms, etc. I'm 5'3" and 98lbs which is very normal for me.


Lesli - November 21

I am 26 and have a 7 year old daughter so I know how it feels to be preg. I was pregnant 8 months ago and suffered a loss at 8 weeks on Memorial Day 4 days before my wedding day. The last time I was preg. I had the same strange symptoms. I had two day periods, naseua, sleepiness, and extreme bloating. I took several urine and one blood test all neg.The doc prescribed me medication for Irritable Bowel Syndrome thinking that was the problem and told me to come back in about a month to see if I feel any better. After a month I went back to the doc and told him the meds were not working.He then checked my cervix and told me that I was pregnant. He sent me to get a sonagram to see how far along I was and they said that I looked to be around 7 weeks. I remember being so excited that I was really pregnant and I wasn't just getting fat but then exactly a week later we lost the baby. Im not saying that doctors are always wrong but they can be and only you know your body. Every person is different and every pregnancy is different. I took a pregnancy test two months ago and it had a faint positive line. I took another one last month and it was the same. I also took a blood test last month and it was negative. (same as last time) I have decided to just wait and see what happens instead of getting all worked up searching for answers.


Lesli - November 21

Ladies I meant to say ultra-sound not sonogram. Forgive me im a little tired.


Allison - November 21

Leslie, Better get another sonagram. This faint positive pregnancy test indicates remnants of pregnancy are still present that could harm your uterus, health, and future attempts to conceive. This happened to me. After two months of waiting to test negative, a DNC was performed to remove it completly. Perhaps this is your situation.


Leah - November 29

im not sure if im pregnant or not... i took a pregnancy test 2 weeks ago when i missed my first day of my cycle, and it came up negative and the next day i started... well this week im experiencing pain below my stomach and it seems like im bloating up... i thought i was gettin the flu because i started to feel nausea and my head was killing me... now that im looking on here, these can be signs of pregnancy...can anyone give me some advice?


Allie - November 29

Hi Leslie, I was reading your FIRST post and the SAME thing has happened to me this past month. I had my period for 1.5 days, my bbs look big, I am dizzy and nauseous everyday (but not to the point where I vomit) and I gained 10 lbs since the summer....not normal for me.... plus I feel like I am hardly eating. Maybe it is just my body...don't know. I took a hpt and negative... I am expecting (no) AF on 12/11 so I figured I would just wait.....the suspense is killing me but I don't want to get my hopes up. Do you think I could be pg???



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