Pulling Cramps What Is It

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Jen - June 24

Hey Ladies, I have had these pulling cramps for about 3 days now. My period should not be hear until June 28th, but these do not feel like af cramps more centered and a pulling sensation...also I can feel them almost all the time. Not horribly painful just there are strange. Anyone have any advice. Thanks


MF - June 24

I have had similar symptoms. I am also due for my period around then. My cramps are very dull, but I feel pressure and my abdomen feels very heavy. Do yuo feel the same?


Jen - June 24

Yes MF, I feel very heavy pressure, but I don't what it is. I don't get cramps usually until my af starts or a day before and they do not feel like this. I don't know...has one else had this when they were pregnant or does anyone have an idea


Wendy - June 24

I had the same thought of thing.. and then got pains on my right side.. really strange and I was actually pregnant.. So pretty good sign I would say.. Good Luck to you both xx


KK - June 24

Could someone else please expand on this cramp issue? Are pregnancy cramps different from af Cramps?


kari - June 24

I think they are different, but I am going through the same thing right now so I am not sure if I am preg. or just wierd pms stuff ( i hope not)....it seems like it comes and goes...yesterday the pinches were very painful, but today not much going on at all.....not sure what this means...I am due for af on the 26th and I usually have different cramps all accross my lower abdomen but these are different.


Kim - June 25

Yea I would like to know more about this cramping as well. ANyone


susan - June 25

yes, i have a strange cramp, it started in my lower left side about two days ago but now there seems to be a naggning pain pulling at my belly b___ton area. my period is due in about 5 days and I am going to the doctor tomorrow. I logged on to this site becuase I was looking for some kind of answer to help me sleep tonight.


Grandpa Viv - June 25

This "tugging feeling" and/or mention of the belly b___ton area is a common post. Good luck to you all!


anne - June 25

Yes I too have had the pulling sensation the past couple of days along with very tender b___sts and nipples, and for the past three days my cheeks turn bright red like I have a fever(I don't though I took temp)and that comes and goes. I took two tests this week with a BFN ;(. My period was due last sunday. Can I still be pregnant?


J - June 25

I'm having the same sensations but they are just focused on my lower right side. However I don't think I'm pregnant cuz I only ended af a week ago.


to J - June 25

J, you are probably feeling ovulation pains, in the ovary that is just about to release an egg. If you want to get preggo, now is the time. If you don't get pregnant now, keep an eye out for that in the months ahead, and see if you continue feeling these aches, when ovulation is due. Many women do.


anne - June 25

I actually ovulated june 5,6,7th-I know because I have been tracking my cycles. So now what?



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