Pulling Sensation Made Me Leave Early

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Sandy81 - February 10

Hey. Had to put a new one b/c today was sumtin else.. To Cherry & Hope- Rem. how I said last night as I was watching tv I had about one hour of pinching in my Uterus as well as a tugging.. then I woke up at 3am tasting metal? Well when I woke up-up around 8am I was fine, felt almost regular. DH and I went to the Museum of Natural History(first time since 1st Grade or so) and got there 12ish. Seen two shows then did the long walk around see the exhibits and come 4pm it hit me. I was so fatigued and the metal taste returned and the tugging and pinching in my Uterus was so there it wasn't even funny. I had to sit 5 times and then called it a day. I felt so bad b/c we had just made it the Dinosaur fossils but I told DH the tugging was so uncomfortable (it didnt hurt it was just like pinching and my upper legs were so heavy it was like magnetic pulling) ...it prevented me from walking cause it was like pull pull pinch pinch... So has this hit any of you, specially BFP ova there-- like hit you when walking alot. I know I've read this is a sign etc. etc but it just hit me and I felt so scared cause I kept walking for a while cause I felt bad cause I know he wanted to see the Dino's so I walked and walked with it for almost one hour before I said "i cant"..


hope-31 - February 10

i think you should take a hpt. i have missed you.you did not get my permission to go out today.lol. i also posted more on the "tea" thread. and i got yelled at on the "cervix with bluish tint" thread too .you should check them out.


cherryzz08 - February 10

It sounds so similiar to what I experienced these last 2 weeks. You need to test sandy I will be sending lots of Baby vibes your way!!


Sandy81 - February 10

thank you guys :) hehe. Cherry so how is the spreading the news going? And tell me did you get those pulling feelings when walking fast? Hope- I shall read now. What did you guys do today?


Sandy81 - February 11

bump bump... im home today bc of this. feel like i did an intense ab workout yesterday. too sore to even walk to drug store for test.


missjazzyjay - February 11

hay Sandy. I feel like I know u now...I see u all over the board. I'm getting those feelings right now. When i cough it feels like my muscles r pullin and remember I'm 2 months late. Come on Sandy...take the test lol. I test tomorrow so u won't be alone and Cherry has already tested...Baby dust to u Sandy ans congrats again Cherry



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