Purple Nipples

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hoping01 - November 17

I was just curious as to whether it was possible to have extremely purple nipples some days and very light tinged nipples other days and be pregnant. I am going crazy here....My areolas have been super dark with the tubericle glands multiplying and veins everywhere. I have been having light cramping for about a week and a half. I think it was about 2-5 dpo...I have had waves of nausea, been super tired and moody....and STILL BFN!!! I am so confused.....I have just been "feeling different" this cycle, I feel like I am pg but I just dont know...I am due for AF today or tomorrow.....I guess I will have to wait and see.....This just really sucks!!! (Sorry, I guess I just needed to vent)


hoping01 - November 17



poechrisk - November 17

Hey Hoping! Vent away. That's what it's here for. I saw you posted on my other thread. I've gotta tell ya, I don't know if I am pg, but I certainly feel pg. Something is definitely going on this cycle. I tested yesterday (11 dpo) and got a BFN. So I'm going to test again on Monday (14 dpo). Hopefully we'll both get BFPs!!! But my veins fade in and out too. Also, my right bb, the one that is the most swollen and painful has looked purple and p___nstarish (lol, sorry) but then sometimes it looks almost normal. I figured it was the lighting in my bathroom, but if you're having the same thing maybe it's not! What other symptoms do you have and since what dpo?


hoping01 - November 17

oh ya and of course the purple nipples!!! I am so glad that there is someone out there going through the same thing as me.......I thought I was losing my mind!! lol


poechrisk - November 17

Well, I'm like you. Not completely sure when I ovulated. But I feel pretty sure I'm 12 dpo... So, with those numbers on 5 dpo I woke up with metal mouth. This is the first inkling I had that soemthing was going on this month. The metal mouth lasted until 7 dpo. On 6 dpo I noticed the Montgomery tubercles on my bbs. Very prominent, but now they have white heads on them. On 7, 8, 9, and 10 dpo my cm was white and milky, then on 11 dpo it was clear and watery, then today it's white and milky again! My cp has bounced around all over the place. I don't know what to make of it. On 9 dpo the veins became very apparent! Like you I have a MASSIVE vein circling my areola and on the other one a bright purple vein running right through very close to my nipple. I've also noticed veins on my shoulders and lower abdomen on the sides and hips. LOL, I look like a state highway map. I've had cramping off and on since 6 dpo. Runny nose since yesterday. Very, very mild nausea once or twice. I've been so irritable too! Like you, my dh is thinking about relocating, lol, to anywhere I'm not. My students are planning a witch burning ceremony for me too. So, I guess that about covers it. I was going to wait til Monday to test again, but I just can't wait. I'm going to test tomorrow morning!


poechrisk - November 17

lol, we might be losing our minds! I forgot to say, I've been constipated for about 5 days now, too. When do you plan on testing again? Would this be your first pg?


Grandpa Viv - November 17

Just because you have lots of signs from high progesterone does not mean that you will immediately get a positive test on hCG. One hormone usually rises faster than the other. Good luck!


poechrisk - November 17

Me too! Yes, I woke up with the cold yesterday. Sore throat, but not so much sore today. I'm pretty sure it could be a good sign because your immune system goes down significantly after conception so your body doesn't reject the zygote. I really hope it a sign and not just coincidence, because I NEVER get sick. I know just how you feel about the constipation. I'm probably averaging one trip every other day. And like you, it's just a little bit! Yep, this would be our first. We've been ttc for 6 months now, I was so sadly misinformed when we started. We're both young (I'm 23 and dh is 28) I thought we'd get pg right away!


hoping01 - November 18

Hey poechrisk...Soooo? Did u test?? I have been thinking about you...I hope you got your BFP!!! I tested this AM as well....I am not too sure what to think about the result....It was VERY VERY light pos....I mean really light barely there.....I dont know what that means...I took another one about an hour and a half later....it was the same thing....I think I am going to wait another week and see if I can go to the DR soon. I am 1 day late now.....


Eljay - November 18

Hey there hoping! How the heck are u girl! Jst read ur thread, fingers crossed for u this month! faint bfp is a good sign!! - I got af ryt on tym this mth 28days exactly so figured my cycles are sorted out. am jst Lookin fwd to bding again this mth lol.


poechrisk - November 18

Hey hoping! No I didn't test this morning. I got up to go P 3 times last night so I didn't feel like a hpt would be accurate this morning. There wasn't enough time for my P to get concentrated. That's absolutely fantastic for you though!!! A faint pos is a positive!! I'm so excited for you! You should go to the doc right away and get a quant_tative blood test! That would tell you for sure. Let me know how it goes! I'll be testing tomorrow morning. I'm holding it tonight at all costs lol.


hoping01 - November 19

Welcome Kimi..... I know what you mean....I swear that our bodies just get a big kick out of driving us crazy....lol....your symptoms sound promising....I am in the same boat....REALLY sucks...I just feel "different" this month.....I am sooo nauseous right now....it sucks.....I am not sure what to think if I am not pregnant....How long have u been ttc and would this be ur first?


Kimi - November 19

i am 20 and weve been tring for about a year and a half i have had three miscarriages and have no children, i feel the same way this month feels different, i hope that for both of us it is


Impatient - November 19

Hope you've got room for one more- this is my first month ttc, and I've heard that it can take 6 months - 1 year, so I feel like I have no chance the 1st around, but I've got myself so psyched about telling my family on xmas, that I know I'm setting myself up for some major disappointment. AF is supposed to come on Nov. 28th if my schedule stays consistent, and my charts say that I ovulated 6 days ago. As I mentioned on a thread I started, I don't remember noticing any major EWCM, but my temps indicated that I did ovulate. So far no major signs accept a few cramps... and I have had some slightly painful gas yesterday and today. After obsessively reading some of these posts, I've been running to the bathroom at least once an hour to see if my veins have become more prominent or if I might have a little implantation bleeding. I'm driving myself crazy- I don't know how I'll be able to do this month after month. I really hope I get lucky on this first one!


lillybug - November 19

hey girls! I'm Lilly and I just got my AF I think on Saturday, so I'm starting a new cycle now and I can't wait until that twoo week wait! HOPEING01 - did af come for you too? If not I hope ypu get that BFP!!!


Eljay - November 19

YAY! I was soo plzd to get 28days back hoping! The only thing I can think is that I am less stressed, took some vacation fr work, went to lanzarote with bf and have bn eating healthy, cut out alchohol. just startd taking vitamins 2. when r u testing again?


hoping01 - November 20

Hey Lilly....no...af hasnt shown up yet....but I am thinking she will be here any time now...kinda sucks...guess I will have to wait and see..... Hey Eljay....Thats great that you have a strict plan...I guess relaxing IS the best way to conceive....I have given up alcohol as well....but it really sucks...I like to have a drink here and there...but it will all be worth it when I am having a baby!! I think I will test again in a few days if af hasnt come Impatient.....Welcome....I feel the same way...I have myself phsyched out to tell everyone over xmas as well...I even know how we would tell our parents....its brutal...just setting myself up for disappointment again....but I can still hope for bfp.....



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