Putting Too Much Thought Into It

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Baby#3 - February 18

Last month I was the first month I have been ttc. I had every pregnancy symptom you could imagine. I was nausuas, vomiting, headaches, sleepy, taste in mouth, sore br___ts, cramping, bloated, late period, etc. I took test after test and all were negative. Finally 4 days late AF showed. This month I have been sick with a cold. I do not have any symptoms of pregnancy at all. Period is expected around the 21st. I have mild cramping like af is coming. Otherwise I feel fine. Today I decided to take a cheapie test from the Dollar tree just as a joke more or less. Took it before I got in the shower and when I got out there were TWO lines!! I thought it was wrong. That 2nd line was so bright at 4 days before af. So I took 2 more and all were BFP!! So moral here is just relax. Last month I wanted it so badly, that was all I thought about. I even had all the signs. This month I was relaxed. I was so sure it would not happen this month I was not even concerned. Now look. BFP! So ladies just sit back and relax. Your time too will come. Baby dust to eveyone!!


AmyB - February 18



jeanette - February 18

WOW, congrats darlin!! God bless your little peanut and have a happy 9 months!!!


LN030905 - February 18

Congrats and AMEN!!!! Good luck, girl!


michelle - February 18

congrats. hey maybe you were preg before and you just didn't have enough of the hormone to detect it. maybe you thought you got af but some women do bleed durning pregnancy. so you may be farther along then you think. Happy 9 months - i am ttc #1


Lin - February 18

Congratulations, Baby #3! I hope you have a wonderful 9 months (and 20 some odd years thereafter)! With all due respect, I think your post is a slight bit rude, even though it's obvious you didn't mean it that way. It is NOT necessarily all about relaxing, and that's one of the most annoying comments for many women who are ttc to hear (especially if they've been trying a long time). I know it was meant kindly, and so appreciate the intent, but it implies that the rest of us who still haven't gotten a bfp are stressed out about it. For many, that's just not the case. Thanks anyway, though!


Jenny - February 19

I agree with Lin on this one( not about the site). Congrads is in order, but if you were in the same situation as others on this thread you would see that some have been trying for months. You are very lucky to get pg the first maybe second month you where trying. I'd like to know how you would feel after so long trying.


jeanette - February 19

Jenny, Lin...I agree. I am really getting tired of that being the "blanket" statement from everyone when they find out you've been trying for a long time......I must admit I didn't think I would ever hear it from someone TTC. I believe I am relaxed most months and have a pretty good att_tude about being patient....so when I people say that, I think......"why do you automatically a__sume I am stressed and thats the reason why I am not conceiving?".......so I guess I should just take a valium every day and wait 9 months? ....sheesh....


Jenny - February 19



Bing - February 19

OMG - Thank You for saying that Jeanette, Jenny and Lin!! I have been ttc for over 8 mos now and if I hear one more person say to "just relax" I'm going to kick 'em. This, of course, coming from people who got pregnant on their first try!!! As if I don't already feel like a failure, I certainly don't need someone else to tell me that it's not happening because I'm "too stressed". There are so many factors that play in this game of trying to conceive, I'm sure that a little anxiety plays a very small role unless of course you're so tightly wound that you could produce diamonds. :)


Lin - February 19

"so tightly wound that you could produce diamonds." -- Hahaha! What a great expression. I'm gonna steal that one... :-D


Bing - February 19

heehee...sorry about that! Chalk that up to the gla__s of Cabernet I had tonight! Hey...it's only cd 8 so I figure it would help with the "stress"! :-D



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