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Princess Ebony - March 20

Hi, I used to think i was pregnant, but since i tested _ve, i just let it go . Yesterday i was standing doing my hair , when i felt the strangest movement in my lower abdomen.It was quite strong and was similar to a muscle spasm but it was kinda shaking for about 15 secs.Sometimes i feel "kicks "( it tickles a bit as well ) in my stomach.What could cause this ? It's weird and i don't know who to ask to since i've tested -ve .Did or does it happen to any of u ? Thank u ladies !


louise - March 20

how long ago did you test. if you were pregnant what is your estimate of length you would be?


Princess Ebony - March 20

i tested weeks ago ( maybe 3 ). And i'd be something like 3-4 mths .(I'm showing as well ),thought it was in my head , but i keep having these kicks. And thank u for replying. Is it u who were 10 weeks along and couldn't get a BFP ?


Jamie - March 20

have you dont a blood test?, I am 12 weeks and had a u/s and have never had a pos pregnacy test blood or urine...so i know it can happen


Grandpa Viv - March 20

Fetal movement is first noticed between 16 and 20 weeks, sometimes descirbed as "gas bubble" or "fluttering" . At this stage the top of the uterus can be felt half way between belly b___ton and pubic bone.


Princess Ebony - March 21

Oh thx for ur answers! Jamie,u give me hope u know. I just can't find any answers on what else these "sensations/feelings" could be. I haven't had a blood test because i tested -ve . Did ur doc tell u what caused the -ves ? Grampa Viv, it's nice to see u again ( haven't seen u in a while ).Yes, it is exactly what i feel, bubbles/popcorn ,sometimes tiny ones , sometimes stronger ones, when i lie down my belly is usually flat, but now it has a bump .Ok, enough about me, than u all for ur advices.I will have to take it more seriously and request a blood test and/or a u/s.thx again all.


kat - March 21

princess ebony im in the same situation,had neg test,but my doc said they wont do blood test(im in uk and docs reckon hpt is accurate!)so wont scan me either,i also have a preg looking stomach,feelings iin stomach and the last 4 af have been lighter and shorter(since we started ttc) as docs wont scan me theres no way of me finding out for sure.


Princess Ebony - March 21

I thought i was the odd one , but i see it does happen more often than we think ! Kat, do u have symptoms besides ur weird af's ? i don't really, apart im always tired. Besides pregnancy, does anyone know what actually causes those "fluttering/bubbles/popcorn sensation "?I just can't figure out what it is !


kat - March 21

yes have had a whole load of symptoms,headaches backache,nausea(although not actually sick)tiardness,just to name a few! although not everyone has symptoms through pregnancy. im not sure what else it could be other then pregnancy. are you in uk?


Princess Ebony - March 21

Yes Kat i am in the uk. ( btw, U have e-mail ! ) plz check it.Thx.


kat - March 22

princess ebony,checked mail thanks! :o) will mail you tomorrow just off to work now :o(


Princess Ebony - March 22

LOL Kat, ok, good luck to u at work !


kat - March 23

you have mail............ :o)


Princess Ebony - March 24

LOL gotcha !! ( Thx)


?? - March 24

did you ever find out if you guys were prego or not???


Princess Ebony - March 24

To ?? , no, not yet but i definately intend to take the bull by the horns and just call my dr to make an appointment and probably humiliate myself , but at least i will know for sure and will be able to move on ! DO u suspect a pregnancy as well ?



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