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Tarah - May 29

I am 33 years old. My period has been normal since when it first started at 12. I have only 1 child almost 13 years ago. I was on Norplant after her was born and kept them for 5 years, so they have been out for 8 years. November 26, 2005 was my last normal period. It stayed off for 3 months. After the second month it did not show I took a home pregnancy test and it was negative. So I was not pregnant, but I started having other symptoms of pregnancy like swollen and sore br___t, veins, colostrum, white bumps on br___t, swollen stomach, and some tightening in the stomach. I went to he Health Department to get another pregnancy test and that was negative. They then checked to see if I had any cysts or fibroids which they say I did not have. In March after s_x with my partner I started to bleed a little than it stop. About 2 weeks later I began to spot off and on throughtout March and April. I am still having movements at this time sometimes I feel some kicks. This month my cycle came on twice on May the 1st(which lasted for 2 weeks and was more painful than my normal cycle and May the 28th(still painful). Could you please tell me what could be wrong with me? I have been to 4 doctors who either do not know or say I am normal. It do not feel normal. My cycles do not look the same. Please help.


Please answer Grandpa-Viv - May 29

Please answer


KEEKEE - May 29

Have you had a ultrasound? If not, you need one. I would ask for a ultrasound. Let us know what happen. Good Luck!!!


KEEKEE - May 29

There is a whole session uder pregnancy test that might can help. It's called negative ultrasound/ There is some ladies who is having some similar problems. They are very nice. Try it!!


amy p. - May 30

Are you Why?? This story sound like the 15 and pregnant story and also Why. Is this Real??


KEEKEE - May 30

Amy, I think you could be right. I choose to answer the question just in case. This could be real. So, It looks like she can use some advice...if this is a joke, You made your point. Move on..


To Amy P. - May 30

Who is why? I just wanted some advice.


amy p. - May 30

"Why" is a post. I will bump it up. Are you saying you could be 7 months pregnant. Have you had a u/s?



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