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mememe - April 8

ok so this may sound all silly and all but i cant get to the doc till next week so im here for suggestions orr some kinda input cuz im lost lol ok so last month actually march 20th was my last period i dont remember if it was normal or not but bf remembers it bein a couple days lol anyways so since about last week i started spottin buut not normal spotting it was very very very light pink off and on its not constant and is only there when i wipe then i was gettin a very slight umm crampish kinda feeling from my lower back around to my hips and to my lower tummy it wasnt like a pain or a cramp more like ummm a dull feeling? i cant even describe it lol so yesterday it stopped again (the spotting) but started again today as a very light brownish and only when i wipe also i been feelin very sick like this past week not quite enough to feel like vomiting but sickish like if i move the wrong way or to quick ill vomit lol i dunno its very weird how i been feeling ive never quite felt like this i cant get to docs till next week so i dunno what to do soooo any input woulld be great ty and sry fpr the rambling and i hope i wasnt too graphic for u all lol ty have a good day :D


Lin - April 8

Last week would have been just the right timing for your symptoms to have been due to ovulation. a__suming a standard 28-day cycle, you would ovulated in the neighborhood of the 3rd, but it could have been a bit sooner or later. a__suming the 3rd, it would probably still be too early to feel symptoms of pregnancy. Your symptoms were most likely all due to ovulation.


babygurl63801 - April 8

hey there...well that to me sounds like ovulation! but i dont know for sure, ive been going throu the same boat as you, march 20th was my last af also!! but i wish you the best of luck, and keep us updated when you find something out!!


mememe - April 10

Well its still happenin i dunno maybe gettin worse ...o well docs in a couple days maybe somethin else is wrong with me ummmm how long does ovalation last cuz its goin on 2 weeks off and on now and im feeling c___ppier as the day goes by lol and it seems its worse after intercourse so i have cut bf off lolol ok well wish u all luck and ty for replying to me :)



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