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mina83 - May 1

Hello ladies I am new to this site and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice.My next expected AF is not until the 16/05 but I am geting alot of cramping at the moment it has been for two days now it is through my back and I think I have had headache evryday for the last week or two and sick to my stomach all day long have absolutely no appet_te whatsoever My last AF was 22/04 now if these wre pg symptoms woldn`t it be to early to feel anything?


Lin - May 1

Not only is it too early to feel pregnancy symptoms, but it's too early to even be pregnant yet. Your symtoms are most likely due to ovulation, so if you're trying to get pregnant, then get busy working on it! Good luck!


mina83 - May 1

Thank you very much Lin this is what I was thinking Im not used to feeling this way so that is why I figured I should ask some opinions.


mina83 - May 1

OK I noticed a huge differece in CM from yesterday to today it seemed like yesterday I was really wet but today don`t have nothing checked earlier to see but nothng there does that mean Im done ovulating already?


AshleyB - May 1

No not necessarily, just keep an eye on it. If it gets clear and stretchy that is the most fertile cm. If it has already been that way and now you''re dry, then yeah you may have already ovulated. Good luck.


mina83 - May 2

Yeah my cm was already in that stage I on Sunday then there was nothing at all yesterday and now just sticky so is that what happens after ­­ovulation?This is the first ttime since AF that I have been keeping track so not to familair with al of this my cycles are very short they are only 24days so at first I thought it might have been to soon but now Im thinking that I o`ed. Anybody know or experienced this before I know that is not a very reliable method but Im hoping that was it.


looby - May 2

Hi Mina, I'm new too and have just put exactly the same question to the ladies! My AF is not due till 12/05, have seen some sites that say some women do get signs very early on. We trying for baby no.2 - never got this with my daughter.


gina143 - May 2

when I prego with my daughter, my bbs were sore and bigger b4 my period was even due. I was so retarted, thinking that they were just growing... haha



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