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Trinityjae - July 2

Hey everyone! DH and I have been ttc for 10 months now. I went to the ER early friday morning (around 1am) with lower abdominal pain. It was actually diagnosed as suprapubic abdominal pain with unexplained causes. They did a urine test (technician made me drink 3 glasses of water because I urinated before my trip to the hospital). He conducted a pregnancy test from that and it came out negative. The ER doctor performed a physical exam and just pressed on my tummy and did not do anything further. He just prescribed percosat and sent me on my way. After being woken up in the middle of the night with this pain which again, is located in center of my very lower abdomen right before the pubic hair would normally grow. I decided to take a pregnancy test which turned out to be a BFP. I was in shock! I took another about a half hour later and got another BFP! Could something be causing a false positive other than pregnancy? I want to be excited about this but don't want to get my hopes up. Thanks everyone!!


Lala - July 2



Emma2 - July 2

Congrats! you seem to pregnant. I cant explain what the abdominal pain is all about especailly to the point where you end up in a hospital. I would suggest getting a secong opinion and a quantative blood test.


Trinityjae - July 2

Thanks girls. I called my obgyn and told her the problem and she said that since I'm only 5 weeks along it's way too early in my pregnancy to even consider the possibility of an etopic pregnancy. She believes that the pain is being caused by 1 of 4 things: Gaul Bladder, Bladder infection, Urinary tract infection or the hormones throwing off my intestinal tract and slowing everything down thus causing gastric pain. I'm so afraid to be excited but I can't help it! Thanks again.


Lin - July 3

The doctor prescribed Percocet for abdominal pain?!?! What a quack!


kaylas mom - July 3




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