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JustStartingOut - March 5

I am trying to have a baby. i had intercourse everyday while i ovulated. now i have these period like c__ps starting. there not intense it just feels funny. I am not supposed to get my period for at least a week. is it possible i am pg? i really hope so.


closer - March 6

im having the same, except im not due for AF untill 4 days time, really does feel like periods coming though =(


anne_marie - March 6

i had the same....cramps like period cramps but i had them for about 12 days. Not intense but crampy enough. that never happens to me. but my af did come yesterday. but things are still different with me. i am still getting funny feelings down there that are not cramps. its har dto explain. but it would be nice to know if its possible to still be pregnant but have your period anyway? i have heard that it happens. just curious.


Grandpa Viv - March 6

One in four pregnancies experience some kind of bleeding in the first trimester, normally lighter than a regular period. Weird cramps starting around implantation are not uncommon, sometimes described as "a tugging feeling" or "too many situps". Good luck with your tests.


closer - March 7

mine feel like ive been doind too many sit ups, not really pain, or that uncomfortable there just 'there' but then other times it feels like period cramps as if AF is really going to come


melissap - March 7

Not to get your hopes up but I had a horrible backache and cramps like I was going to start af from 6dpo until 19dpo when I finally got my BFP. Although I just resumed getting af in Dec (Ihad an iud) and I noticed that I had cramps from the time I ovulated until af showed so good luck girls,wait and see hopefully all BFP!!


closer - March 7

im trying to just think that it is AF on its way, so if it does come i wont be as upset and if it don't ill b over the moon!


JustStartingOut - March 7

Yeah for a couple of days it felt like i had been doing a lot of sit ups. It doesn't hurt, just an odd feeling. I really hoep this is a sign that i am. my period isn't supposed to start till the 15. so i 'll just have to wait and see. thank you so much for your help


closer - March 7

good luck to youuuuuuuuuuu! xxx



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