Question Please I Am Not Trying To Be Gross

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A - January 28

I am not sure if I am pregnant or not I am not due for my period until next Thur. but I have noticed that my bowel movements have become more regular, softer and darker in color. I remember with my previous pregnancy this happened as well. Is this all in my mind or have others had this as well when pregnant? Again I am not trying to be gross but I just wondered if this was a symptom?


sarah - January 28

no i had the same problem when i was pregnant.


kat - January 28

im glad you've asked this as im pretty sure im pregnant but testing neg and ive had more regular bowel movements too


jb - January 28

be glad you can go cause in a few months you wont beable to. lol good luck


B'Lana - January 28

I have the same thing... did you change your diet at all?


BB - January 29

If you have a look at pictures of the lower abdominal area of the body, you can see the uterus is squashed into your abdominal area right inbetween the rectum and bladder. I have no experience with this, but I have always though that, if you just look at it logically, how can your a___l activity and urinal activity NOT be disturbed by a pregnancy which happens right in the middle of the two!? So I do believe those will be some of the first signs (if you know your body well) that stuff is changing in there!


A - January 29

No my diet hasn't changed and I have been on prenatal vit. for 2 months so if it were the vit.'s I would have noticed this a couple of months ago. I have also been really thirsty lately. No sore b___sts?


Grandpa Viv - January 29

I have read that progesterone affects the gut muscles such that food travels through at a different rate and the digestion process is affected. This variously can cause heartburn, gas, bloating, and bowel movement change. Some women report looser stool from the hormone changes at menstruation, too.


Lilly - January 29

Not to be gross but With my Pregnancy I had Very Bad diarreah which kept me from gaining weight until about 3 1/2 - 4months or so! It was a Strong sign of Pregnancy for me!



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