Question About Cervical Position

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Amy Serena - March 28

is it normal if your cervix is medium and very soft during your period when it is usually very low and very hard? does it mean that i am ovulating right now? its weird. and im assuming its not a prego symptom though, right? my last 2 periods have been weird so maybe its just hormones out of wack. ?


krissy2006 - March 28

Cervix position is not good for prediciting anything but ovulation and even then it can vary so widely in texture and location that after 1 year of checking it, I found that it just wasn't worth the time. Generally speaking from a text book during your period it should be low and firm and during ovulation it should be high and soft. However, no woman I have ever met is a 'textbook woman' and their cervix's like to play ping pong all over the place. If you really want to pinpoint, predict and confirm ovulation I would suggest using OPKs and doing your basal body temperature. During your period ESPECIALLY your cervix can be very random, rising and dropping and hardening and softening as your uterus contracts to expel this months lining. I am sorry I am not a bigger help with your actual question but GL to you. Are you TTC or avoiding?


Amy Serena - March 29

krissy- thanks for your answer. right now we are pretty much avoiding pregnancy, but i thought i might have gotten pregnant last month (about 7 weeks ago) because i was getting symptoms and my period was almost a week late. it was pretty normal once it did start, but the symptoms continued. then my period this month was a day early and spotted the first day then got heavier, then spotted again on and off for about 5 days. it was not a consistant flow like normal, and my cervix stayed high the whole time and even now that AF is over, my its still really high up there. its just all around weird! most of my symptoms have mellowed out, but my sensitivity to smell is still nauseating. i did take a bunch of hpts, but they were all negative. i have an appt on the april 2nd for a cervical exam and possible bloodwork to see if its a hormonal imbalance. thanks again!



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