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AC - November 22

I am 6 dpo and started noticing lots of creamy CM yesterday and today (I was very dry right after O). Is this a good sign. I can't really find any factaul info online. Thanks!!


Kez - November 22

I hope it is a good sign for you. I have had that with all of my pregnancies. Often to the point that I check that I am not bleeding. Good luck to you!


amy - November 22

AC that is what i am going through right now..i dried up after o and now 7dpo i am creamy cm...maybe it is a sign for us? i am also cramping


tr - November 22

it was for me...sounding good ladies! good luck!


kez - November 22

I also have cramps, but I try not to worry as I had them with my previous two pregnancies & they were okay :)


Daisy Jean - November 22

Me, too. Very strange for me. About 9dpo. I hope this is good news for all of us. Very slight cramps, as well. Keep updating here. Baby dust.


AC - November 23

That sounds promising! I have had cramps since o day until now, 7 dpo. I still have the creamy cm, but I don't see it until I've been running--I don't know if all the movement kinda "pushes" it down or what, but at least it's there! Hope this is our month!


Vanessa - November 23

I'm 8 dpo today. Yesterday I had way more creamy white CM. I was told this is a good sign however, I was experiencing major PMS symptoms last night and this morning. Very irritable with DH, very sore b___bs and skin break out. I really hope these symptoms come with be pregnant. I guess only time will tell! What day do you guys thing you'll test?


Lisa - November 23

hi ladies, i started to have cm at the beginning of this week, i am pretty sure i ovulated on the 16th, my husband and i had intercourse the night of the 15th, on monday i noticed that i was spotting brown and have some cramps not like af cramps and a pinching feeling every now and then on my left side today i notice that i had brown tinged cm (no spotting yesterday) my b___sts tingled for the first time on monday and once yesterday and once today...


Sian - November 23

I am having alot of cm too. Kind of sticky.hmm...


Lisa - November 23

yes mine is also.



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