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Jenna - January 11

I was due for my period the 7th, and Im not getting my hopes up about anything because im so erratic, but i had my last period dec.6, before that november 3, oct. 1, and aug. 27. so it just keeps getting later and later that i get them, but as far as discharge is concerned is it true that right before your period you tend to dry out? because Im still having like mucho discharge. anyone know?


Emma - January 11

From other posts on the website I believe it can be a good pregnancy sign. Having said that, I had a clear white discharge right up until my period (19 days late I may add!), so I'm not sure what was going on there! Good luck to you Jenna - I'll keep my fingers crossed it's positive news.


Grandpa Viv - January 11

Looks like a fairly regular 34 day cycle, which if it holds makes you a couple of days late right now. You are indeed supposed to dry up after ovulation. That's one of the cues for the natural family planning crowd. So if you have discharge now, that's kinda encouraging. Good luck.


L to Grandpa Viv or Anybody... - January 13

I had s_x on day 10 of my 24 day cycle. I am PRETTY sure I was ovulating, I was very 'wet' if you 'know what I mean'. We used the withdrawl method, but had s_x continuously 4 times back-to-back. So, I know the chances of me being pregnant are pretty good, right? My question to GV is: for 3 days after, I was 'Completely Dry' and now (around 5 dpo) I have just a LITTLE bit of cm. Is this a sign of pg? For the last 3 days I have felt VERY TIRED, and have been crying at the drop of a hat. My pms symptoms usually don't start until 4 days before af. My af is due 1/22. Does anyone think I could be pregnant?


Mandy - January 13

L...I know what you're feeling. I'm in the same boat! I was suppose to be ovulating & have hit dryness. I don't know what thats all about. I too have been extremely emotional. I don't know if its a sign. After reading all these posts, everyone is different. I'm just going to wait until the 25th that I'm due for AF to see what happens. I think you could be pregnant as I think I could be also. Let us know how it turns out for you.


L to Mandy - January 13

Thanks for your reply Mandy. May I ask why you think that you and I could be pg? Have you been feeling any nipple soreness? Two nights ago, my right nipple was VERY tender, tingly and sore. My left one was only a little bit. The right one was definitely more sore. I will definitely keep you posted. I have a distinct feeling that I am pg. I remember the day after I had s_x, and checking to see if I had any cm. When I noticed it was 'bone dry', I thought to myself: "Hmmmm, that is strange." I almost always have some amount of cm.....almost always.


L to Mandy - January 13

I wish someone else could give you and me some advice about our 'dryness'. I SWEAR this is not normal for me. Otherwise, I would not have thought it strange when I first noticed it the 'day after'. Has anyone else had this happen to them, and turn out to be pg? Anyone? I know I don't have too long to wait until af, but it would be helpful if someone who has gone through what Mandy and I are going through, could give us their input.


Sarah - January 13

I haven't heard a sign of drying up as possible sign of pregnancy. Your supposed to dry up after you ovulate approaching your period so usually women that still have discharge could possibly be pregnant. It shouldn't dry up the day after you ovulate though, it should go from creamy white to clear and slippery back to creamy white and then dry.....but we aren't all text book examples to who knows! Good Luck!!


L - January 13

Well, according to some websites I looked at today, a woman can 'dry up' the day of or the day after ovulation. If that is true, then I was on my last day of ovulation when I had s_x. SO......even with the withdrawl method being used, I could quite likely be pregnant? It isn't something I am planning for, but I would welcome it just the same. Anybody out there reading these posts think I could possibly be pg?


LAINA - January 13

I believe that it is a good prego sign. But I was wondering my period is due today...and I have been experiencing lower ab pain, any chance of preg.?


L - January 13

I haven't experienced that myself (I have two children already). But from what I have read here, and at other websites, it sounds like you might be pg. Is that the only symptom you are having? Are your periods usually 'right on time'? Oh, and thanks for your reply. I appreciate it. I must admit that I am a little nervous about being pg. I have mixed feelings about it, mostly because I am in my 30's now and I know that it will be harder to deal with (physically mostly). BUT I view every child as a 'Gift from God'....


L - January 13

Oh, and Laina....? Why do you think that is a good pregnancy sign? Is it something you've heard or read about? Please elaborate....(if you'll be so kind)



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