Question About Genetics

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peacelovemj - March 8

All women in my family seem to get pregnant very easily. My mom got pregnant with all of us girls (there's 3 of us) the first time she tried. The same goes for my grandmother... she got pregnant very easily with all 4 kids. Does that increase my chances of getting pregnant easily? Or is it irrelevant?


nino3 - March 8

My grandmother had 11 kids and lost a few more. Didnt beleive in bitrth controls. Got pregnant very easily. My mother took 2 months at the most to get pg. with me and my sisters and theres also 3 of us. My oldest sister has been married for 7 years and still nothing. Is undergoing treatments as we speak. I have been activiely trying for a year and a half. Very stressful but the month i decided to take it easy and only bd when we wanted, wich only happened twice during the whole month, i got pg. Got my BFP 3 days ago. Everyone is different. Good luck to you and lots and lots of baby dust.


LIN - March 8

Everyone is different. My mother conceived all of her children very easily, but her mother did not. Even my identical twin sister got pregnant within only a few months of trying. I've been trying for over a year and a half and have already gone through 4 IUIs with Clomid and then injectables, and I have yet to see a bfp. I've tried everything, including not paying any attention to the process for a couple months, skipping off to the Bahamas, not charting and any other way to "take it easy," and none of it has helped. Remember that it's not just the woman that matters. Men can be infertile as well, and 40-50% of all infertility problems are due to an issue with the man. In our case, it is likely both of us. My dh has a very low sperm morphology, and I have endometriosis (which, interestingly enough, my genetically identical sister does not have).


BrendaW - March 8

That is very trippy about the endo thing Lin. I have always wondered and no one has ever been able to say why women get it. My mom and her mom had it. My dads two sisters had it. I have it. Is that wierd or what? Has anyone else in your family had it??


LIN - March 8

Not that I know of, but they might have it and just not know. In fact, I wouldn't even know that I have it if I hadn't grown a big, fat endometrioma that had to be surgically removed. I have no symptoms whatsoever. At the time of my surgery, I didn't even have any endo in there aside from the endometrioma, so I can only guess what's in there now.



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