Question About Hpt S Faint Lines And Evap Lines

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maklan - December 11

I am 1 week late. I was nausious on and off all day yesterday and the day before. Only for a brief moment today. I have been having cramps since 11/21 on and off (I think I ovulated some time during that week. We ttc on 11/17. 11/18, 11/19, 11/20 and 11/23. I have taken a preg test on 12/2, 12/6, 12/7 - all negative. Then I took a test on 12/10 and it I watched it closely. It said neg confirmed after 3 min's and test shouldn't be read after 10 minutes. After 3 minutes it still looked negative but then around 4 or 5 minutes I started to notice a very, very faint shadow of a line. I kept watching it to see if I was seeing things or if it was a shadow or if there really was something there. I watched it until around 11 minutes went by and could swear there was a faint line (almost non-existent). I talked to a friend who said that happened to her and she said to look at it the next day to see if it's still there and what color it is. So I took it back out of the garbage today and I could more clearly see a faint pink line. Now that it has dried and the background is white instead of pink, I could clearly see the light pink line. Is this a positive preg test or an evaporation line or what? I appreciate any insight anyone can give me. Thanks.


Becky - December 11

When I was pg with my youngest son, I kept the pg tests in my purse for a LONG time-I had them in a plastic ziplock bag and kept forgetting to throw them away!! Anyway, the longer i had them the DARKER the lines got. As far as I know, you should never read a pregnancy test result after 10 min has pa__sed. The result is not accurate. A clear result will appear at 3 minutes and can be read up to 10. After that I would not trust it. It has something to do with air and the time that pa__ses and the hormone levels in the urine changing. If i were you I would take another test and read it immediately. I hope you get the answer you are hoping for :)



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