Question About HPTs

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Curious - October 17

Hi, I took a test today and it said negative. However, it was a faint negative with a little bit of blue on the top part of where the plus would be if it was positive. Does that mean that the test didn't work right or did I pee on it too much or what?


to curious - October 17

was it an EPT +/- one? if so, i have heard a lot of the same complaints about it from a lot of other people on here, including me, i would suggest getting another brand just to be sure, it will put your mind at ease...good luck to you!


Curious - October 17

Yes it was. What have you heard?


Curious - October 17

I hope that it isn't a bad one because I have been spending a lot of money on these tests lately because I am too impatient to wait. I took a blood test last week, but it was the one where they put the blood on a test that looks similiar to a hpt. It just tells you pregnant or not pregnant not the one that measures the exact amount of hcg in your blood. It was negative, but the nurse told me that it could be too early to tell. I try not to be impatient, but I work at a store and every time I walk by those hpts, I am soooo tempted to buy one, and I usually do.


Courtney - October 17

I took a Clear Blue Easy one last month the +/- kind and the very top of the center where the post_tive line would have been I noticed a shortness of blue. I totally took it as a neg becuz I took the test apart and noticed under the light that the blue dots matched the ones going the other way. They had to have been already there. I highly don't recommend this test or any +/-. May I sugges First Response. I have had VERY good feedback on that test, plus have used it myself. Also the dollar tree tests are really good and they are are easier to use. No peeing on the stick the dropper is very nice. GOOD LUCK!


Trisha - October 17

the same thing happneed 2 me when doing a clearblue test..i took another test and it read positive



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