Question About My Girlfriend

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confused - February 1

she thinks she might be pregnant. its been about 3 weeks to a month since we last did anything. this past week she got a really high fever and had to go to the doctor (temp of over a 100). she threw up 5 times during the first morning she was sick. so then TWO days later after she was supposedly feeling better.. that morning she threw up again. she had her cycle before this sickness happened. i'd say about 4 to 5 days before this sickness happened. but she isnt convienced that we are fine. she is really scared about that second time she threw up. i personally don't think she is, just because of the distance between us having s_x and her having her cycle. but then again.. i'm not educated on all of this. can i get some help on this?


De - February 1

Do you know when your period is due?? If she is late, i would suggest she do a pregnancy test.. Good Luck


C - February 1

Yeah, is she late for you period? How late? Or, at least, when was or is it suppose to start?


C - February 1

I mean, is SHE late for her period? lol


confused - February 1

well like i said, she just had her period about 4 days before she got sick. so we are looking at another month before she has another one. or at this point... about 3 more weeks


Lisa J - February 1

Did she happen to mention that her 'period' didn't seem normal or didn't last as long as it normally does? Or that it came 'early'? Could have been implantation bleeding.... That would explain her not getting sick until AFTER her 'AF'. After implantation bleeding occurs, the hormones kick into 'High Gear'.


M - February 1

If it was 4 days before she got sick I think that's a little too soon. All women are different but I think its about a week after her period when she should ovulate.


confused - February 1

well she said her period was a normal one that hit her hard (as in, it was painful as normal) and it lasted the same as the usual ones


Grandpa Viv - February 1

If she menstruated on schedule and as normal, there is little chance she is pregnant. She's focusing on the second throwing up as being "morning sickness", but if she has that as an early sign of pregnancy there are other signs she would likely be mentioning too. This would be a good time to read up on contraception and come up with a foolproof plan.



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