Question About My Husbands Privates

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Cutie - February 25

Could anyone please say what could this possible be? I am so dissapointed. I should say that I am a married lady, 21 years old-same for my husband. We have never had anyone else for s_x. We were vergins. Now the problem is that the head of his penus started peeling. He says that it does not itch or hurt, but I see that its peeling. We are afraid to have s_x because maybe its some kind of infection (me or him who knows?) Could anyone say what could this be? Sorry to be so straight forward, Thanks so much, Cutie


mulgajill - February 25

well.... i am experienced with p___ses... could be overuse? or more likely men get thrush/candida.. sort of scaly and dry on them... have to treat both partners... over the shelf remedy, you will have probably have to buy it because it is not something guys feel at ease chatting to the pharmacist about.... not technically a s_xually transmitted disease as these yeasty thing live on our bodies all the time, sometimes they just get over active.... and men will NEVER admit to itching or pain!!! good luck cutie..:-)


Cutie - February 25

Thank You Mulgajill for good info.... I think it could be itching and he doesnt bother to even say anything, because he doesnt want me to worry... We want to concieve so bad that if I get my menses I get so upset, and he doesnt want me to be upset... I will go to the pharmacy


m - February 25

Why not go to a clinic and get tested just in case. You dont have to have s_x to get STIs.


tara - February 26

m, sti's are s_xUALLY transmitted infections. If he's never had s_x, it wont be an sti but could possibly be a yeast infection


Diane - May 11

Hey Cutie!~ I had the same problem with my ex boyfriend. The skin on his p___s was peeling and it completely freaked both of us out. When we went to the doctor, we found out he had psoriasis. With meds it should clear up in about a month or so. We had s_x lots of times when he was still on his meds and it never affected me. Just see the doctor to make sure it's not something else. Good Luck! :)



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