Question About OVULATION And AF

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kate - June 9

can a woamn ovulate while she had af ? i ask because close to the end of my af sometimes it is red mucosy stringy---could that be ovulation.? i am sorry if these question is dumb !


TH - June 9

No question is dumb...I just don't always know the answer....I don't think you can ovulate while you are having af, but sometimes af is not happening because of ovulation - like, you can get af when you are on the pill because your estrogen is so high is sheds some of the lining of the uterus. So, if you af is not happening because of ovulation, then I guess it is possible. The best way you to know is to track your temps first thing when you wake up (like before your feet hit the floor.) Your temp will go up at (or right after ovulation) and stay high until af, and then drop again.....Good luck!


kate - June 9

maybe i didnt phrase my question correctly---i am maybe on my last or second to last day of my af---bt i have some pain in my lower right abdomen and i noticed for the past 2 days string muscosy blood--somtimes bright red sometimes brownish---is that stringy mucos already ovulation---but while i still have af ????? plus----this af was wierd-it started with 10 days of brown wipes and spotting then turned into af--somewhat lightish....(not as heavy)---anyone --? can i already be ovulating again--even though af is not completely gone. ( i seem to be back at brown wipes)


Grandpa Viv - June 9

Did you have s_x last month? Do you have any early preg signs? You might be looking at an extended implantation bleed, or something else that might need a doc's attention. Just for the heck of it take a home preg test first pee tomorrow morning.


kate - June 9

i am ttc----the story is kinda weird. before this " af" i had 10 days of brown wipes , spotting and then for the past 5 days i have red brown, and pink blood....nothing heaving very light. didnt ever fill a pad during these days...should i take a test ? or go see a dr. ?


kim - June 9

this is interesting---i am curious-bumping it up !



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