Question About Phantom Pregnancy

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Help me understand - May 5

Is it true that it causes your stomach to swell? If everybody else can see your stomach swell and say you look pregnant does that make it a phantom pregnancy. I can understand missing a period, but how about you have never missed a period and was not thinking about pregnancy and these symptoms occured and your stomach start growing. I can not understand phantom pregnancy. I never heard anybody stomach swelling unless there was a reason like drinking alot of alcohol, pg., or some kind of illness. I mean gaining weight yeah can make your stomach big, but if the rest of your body is small it looks kind of weird. Sometimes after a woman have a child their stomach looks big. My mother's stomach is big after having three kids but everything on her was big. Now I think she has a tumor or something because it has gotten bigger and her body has gotten a little smaller. Saying that a woman wants a pregnancy so back she can trick her body(and make her stomach swell) into it makes me think I want money so bad I can trick my mind in to it and it will appear.


what?! - May 5

You want money so this a frickin joke, if so...stop wasting peoples time, and go to another site!


HMU - May 5

No I am not wasting people time, but I do not understand the concept of phantom pregnancy. You do not get the point. I am not trying to be funny. I think if your stomach is swollen and you are not pregnant than there is something else wrong with you. Doctors misdiagnosed people you know. I think phantom pregnancy is way of telling someone do not bother me if they are truly pregnant. I bet 9 out 10 women who was told they were not pregnant because of a negative urine test was actually pregnant.


?? - May 5

omg This is to what?! what is your problem.. sounds like u need an att_tude adjustment.. HMU was mearl making a comment.. no need for hatefulness.. get a life


ok - May 6

Phantom pregnancy is not common. Do you think you are having one?



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