Question For All Those Who Have Gotten Pregnant

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sunshine7610 - August 13

Ok, so I'm getting technical here. I'm wondering if people that were ttc have done something (while bding) that I'm just not doing. So far I've been sticking a small pillow under my rear after bding. Does it matter if you're on top or is being on the bottom better. Does preseed work? After s_x, I sleep on my back ALL night to let gravity take its course (with the pillow under my butt of course). I also don't get up afterwards so that sperm can get where they need to and have all the time they need! See, I told you it's technical, but I want to do everything to maximize my chances!!


filly06 - August 13

I did the same thing when I got pregnant with my first...but I did only for a few mins. I have no clue if it works I think it is just a suggestion...but it cant hurt....but I truly, personally, think using an OPK really helps. Good luck to you!


clindholm - August 13

I think it's supposed to be better if you are on the bottom and I also did the same thing as far as not getting up after bd'ing until morning. I did not use the pillow though. I used opk's the first time as well and it took us 15 months. This time, I had a very distinct ovulation cramp and knew it was the time. It only took 2 cycles this time. Good luck and baby dust to you!


austynsmommy - August 13

I think it is better if your on the bottem. One thing I learned is try not to stress out about it and just kind of relax. Me and my hubby ttc for 11 months and then I finally got pregnant. I really think I was trying to hard and just stressing about it. Good luck.


breezieb - August 13

I have done the pillow thing to w/ good results but i don't know if that is what did it.......But I did hear that if you have a tilt uterus and put the pillow under you it backfires!!! So I dont know the full details on that but If you do have a tiped uterus I would find out.


Erin1979 - August 13

both times we bd in the am and I was on the bottom...I also stayed still for a few minutes afterwards. For me I think the time of day played a big part.


Teddyfinch - August 14

sunshine: i had a pillow under my b___t for maybe 15 minutes. i had to pee after that and missionary seemed to work. that way your SO is in the right place when he comes. no need to wait for the sperm to slide where it needs to be. it pretty much gets onto the cervix right away if in missionary. anyway, yeah, i was on clomid, so even a little bit dry and didn't use preseed or anything. has your man been checked for his sperm health?


sunshine7610 - August 14

Hi Teddyfinch, what is SO? I can't figure it out. So you conceived while on clomid even though it made you drier? Did you have any cm? Because last cycle I used clomid and and had no cm whatsoever. dh had s/a a couple years ago and it was normal then.


Crystal83 - August 15

This is totally TMI, but I have heard that missionary and standing doggy style are the best ways, because the sperm gets deposited closer to the cervix. I'm newly trying to concieve and, DH and I tryed it the latter way and then I just stood bent over the bed for a few minutes and then I went and lay down and went to sleep. So, I'll guess we'll see if this way works in a couple weeks or so!!


Hellolove - August 15

I had been on BC pills for a little over 6 years. I got off of them b/c of problems with my skin. My husband and I used the pull out method most of the time, but I seduced him in the middle of the night after I had a few beers once, and he didn't have a chance to pull out b/c I was on top. We got pregnant from that night and my child is now 2 years old. I am now pregnant for the second time and just found out. This time (more than years later), we actually tried. During my fertile time, we had s_x 4 times with ejaculation. My husband and I were SERIOUSLY stressed b/c we were trying. We actually had s_x 7 days in a row, but he was not able to ejaculate for 3 of them b/c of stress. I thought we would be unsuccessful b/c we used lubrication (KY). I was on top and on the bottom during bd time. I never sat with my legs up or a pillow under my b___t. So, my point being, it's different for everyone. If it was meant to be, it will be. They say your chances for pregnancy aren't as strong if the woman is on top, you just got off the pill, you're stressed, or you use lubricants that are not sperm friendly. I did everything wrong, and I got pregnant very easily. Some people aren't as lucky.



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